Saturday, November 21, 2015

"Stop The Presses!"

And here is an example of the two approaches--both of which arrive with certain presuppositions, but where one leads to greater error and delusion while the other leads down the road of truth and growing sanctification and knowledge of God.

So, one could look at the example of Zechariah's being struck dumb for his knee-jerk impulse to doubt and think, "this God looks petty, petulant and like a 'control freak'--" . . . and indeed, this is how most atheists and agnostics and cultists view the God of the Bible.  This is because they bring to the table various ideas and opinions of how God "ought" to be and then when He doesn't fit that view they judge and reject Him.  [They have an idol in their mind and heart which they serve and submit to before the one, true and living God. . . .]

But where do they get these ideas?  Not from the Bible.  In fact, is it not the case that the enemy of God has put into the culture and ongoing collective consciousness, over the centuries that God--"if there is a God"--would not be ie., "controlling" . . . "judgmental" . . . conditional . . . severe . . . "jealous" . . . "wrathful" . . . exclusive . . . etc.  And these notions are so deeply and furtively embedded in the general mindset that people are unaware that they maintain these artificial presuppositions craftily placed within them to misdirect and deceive?

However, when I, as a Believer, read that passage about Zechariah and have also an instant, reflexive impression that God seems a bit petty or capricious . . . the next thing I do is "stop the presses!" so-to-speak. . . .

I think, "well, that can't be right.  Because I know from scripture that God is NOT petty or petulant or capricious or a 'control freak'.  I know that He is all-knowing, gracious, merciful, self-sacrificing, holy, perfect and good!  So, there must be some error (not in God!) but in the way I am looking at it!  This then puts me on the path of truth--of seeking the truth of the matter--and I realize, in this case for instance, that at least one thing is being emphasized and taught by God in the text--and that it how important and dangerous DOUBT and UNBELIEF are to God.  It's no small, "petty" matter to distrust God!

If ever I am looking at scripture and God's revealed character and see something that provokes a negative, reflexive response, I begin my inquiry to understand better with the presupposition, based in God's Word, that whatever the case is, it certainly ISN'T that God is capricious, "jealous", "vengeful", petty etc., in the same way I understand those descriptives in the human, natural (fallen) context.  For I already have as my basal assumptions that God is good, perfect, loving, wise, all-knowing etc., and always does what is right and holy.  If there is a problem, there must a problem with some pre-conceived notion or bias that I have!

Many Christians and so-called "Christians" . . . even claiming to believe and follow the Bible also have many of these same implanted presuppositions gotten from the world, from the enemy . . . and this is where cults get their traction.  Joseph Smith, for example, hated the idea of predestination and of this being the only life whereupon eternal reward or punishment are decided.  He loved the idea of man's"free agency/free will" as being more important to God than God's sovereign will.  So he made up a new religion to fit his  (typically fleshly) presuppositions and biases. . . . Every other false religion and cult has done the same.

The natural man/woman . . . hates God, hates His sovereignty, hates that He has all the power, hates His laws, rejects His plan etc., and the enemy is most pleased to provide all kinds of internally embedded justifications and rationales to reject God as He reveals Himself to actually be . . . and devise another god more to the sinful nature's liking. . . .

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Mark said...

Amen,we fear out of flesh and fear is to doubt God.This "world" pushes fear and chaos costantly to cause doubt.

God bless

Brother Thomas ©2015

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