Sunday, November 8, 2015

Only 2 Kinds Of Vessels

We are vessels.  A person is either a vessel for honor . . . or a vessel for wrath.  Either a vessel for the Holy Spirit . . . or spirit of anti-Christ.  There is no middle, neutral ground!

"Whoever is not with me is against me."  --Matt. 12:30

How stark, ominous and profound this is seems to be lost on many.  When you are going about your day, engaging with different people, it is true that they are either a child of God or a child of wrath, one or the other.

Are you filled with the Spirit to over-flowing so that wherever you go, the Spirit is spilling out of you--the graces of Christian belief and commitment influencing and touching all in your path?

Meanwhile, those who are of their father, the devil--who are filled with all manner of deceit, filth, adultery, lust, murder go about all the day spilling their own contents, one way or another on those they meet and engage with.

It is not often with the overt acts of ie., murder and lust--but it is all the same where their hearts and minds are concerned.  What is in the heart defiles a man, and it is always coming out in some fashion or another.  And if the vessel is not one who honors God, who belongs to God then by default (as there are only 2 options) it is a vessel filled with hatred toward the Lord and to all who love the Lord.

Think of this:  If one is not a vessel for honor--for holding and brimming with the Holy Spirit then that one is an anti-Christ.  They may deceive themselves to be neutral or not involved or unconcerned about the Lord's revelation and truth . . . but in fact, whether they confess it or not, unless they are a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ they are a witness for evil, sin and rebellion.  And for Antichrist.

"Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'”  --Hebrews 13:5

One vessel is loaded full with covetousness and is rich in (prideful) spirit.  The other is "poor in spirit" and relies on the Lord for all things.  Today, where money is losing its value, coveting and gaining and hording "followers" . . . "likes" . . . takes its place.  Greed and lust for attention and adulation is of the same spirit as that which breeds covetousness in general.  And it is not of God.

We see many seemingly miraculous things in life--great feats that defy natural laws and expectations.  Supreme athletes gain greater and greater perfection breaking records that once seemed impossible to achieve.  Stunning healings occur where a person wrought with some fatal disease or cancer . . . suddenly is made clean and whole.  We have seen people who can practice and self-discipline to attain incredible, astounding memories or physical feats which were thought unattainable at one time.

But one thing above all seems impossible and a boundary never to be crossed or defeated and you no doubt have seen it yourself.  That is . . . for one who is a vessel of wrath (of Antichrist) fitted for destruction it is impossible to hear and see the truth of the revelation of Christ Jesus.  While it is clear as day to you--the truth and message of God through His Word, regarding those who will not, do not, can not Hear or See the witness of Christ, there is nothing so impenetrable and closed shut.

Someone might say, "But what about Paul?  He was Antichrist, was he not, and then became a believer?"

And I will respond with scripture that, though it appeared otherwise for a time, in fact, Paul was a vessel "of mercy, which He prepared BEFOREHAND for glory."  --Rom. 9:23

Now, the call is not ours but God's to determine who is a vessel for which spirit, and so we are called to exhort to all.  But He grants us some discrimination in the matter and we are at some point, in some cases, to "shake the dust from our feet" and to no longer "cast pearls before swine" . . . and in any case, the Word never returns void; for when we exhort we are either helping to start the holy fire or fan it in a "vessel of honor" . . . or are we are heaping coals and adding wrath to the carriers of Antichrist spirit, compounding the judgment they were "fitted for."

You . . . me--we are either one or the other.  Everyone we meet and with whom we engage . . . are either one or the other.  The great lie is that there is some grey in the matter, some middle ground.  But there is not grey matter, there is either Light or Dark, life or death, Christ or Antichrist . . . and all should be warned of this. 


Lee in TN said...

Happy birthday Bro T! Many blessings to you!

- Lee

Angie said...

Happiest Birthday Wishes to you! God Bless you in all that you do!

Linda L. said...

Happy late Birthday, Thomas! Hope you had a wonderful day. God bless and keep you close to Him!

ROGER said...

Happy belated birthday Bro. T.

This is wild... I was listening to "A Christian Manifesto Francis Schaeffer" video from this your blog while reading your happy birthday notes... And then they started singing happy birthday on the video at the same time.... Whoa........

Peace and many blessings,

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