Sunday, October 25, 2015

Threat Detection Elimination

And . . . this.  I think it is a quite different thing if someone is on SSRI and related medication from an early age versus going on it later in life.  This is why "they" are trying to get children hooked into this stuff at earlier and earlier ages. 

If you grow up relatively unmolested by drugs and especially "anti-depressant" drugs and formulate, experience your spiritual views, beliefs and salvation . . . and have that as a firm foundation, and then later in life go on the drugs . . . there is (I believe) far less danger in how they might affect your spiritual situation.  As I said, yes, you may lose a large amount of those finer, communicative/receptive spiritual feelings and connection . . . but your salvation is already fixed.  You may be deprived of some of the great blessings and comfort that come from close, personal relationship and contact with the Spirit within, as the drugs put up a sort of barrier . . . but you have enough knowledge and practice in the ways of God and His Word that you can still proceed on the Path, regardless of that finer spiritual-sensory blockage.

But if you are put on these drugs at an early age, before you have seriously considered the deeper life questions and seeking for truth and before the brain creates the finer spiritual nueronic connections to the Divine--before you have found God . . . then it is (I believe) much more likely that you may never even bother to search for truth and the meaning and purpose of life (God) . . . as the medication blocks your brain and mind and heart from even considering seriously such things.  You remain basically an animal, concerned with basic material and worldly issues.

The insidiousness of constant use of pain killers and SSRI type drugs . . . is that (I believe) they "disrupt the brain region that usually helps detect and respond to threats."

That quote comes from scientist Dr. Izuma who was involved with the recent experiment that hit the news where "they" used TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) to find that ideological beliefs (belief in God, attitudes towards "migrants") could be "disrupted"/diminished . . . through the use of magnets on the brain.

"Lead author Dr Colin Holbrook, form the the University of California at Los Angeles, said: 'These findings are very striking, and consistent with the idea that brain mechanisms that evolved for relatively basic threat-response functions are re-purposed to also produce ideological reactions.'”

I think a similar thing is happening with the SSRI's and opioids.  When you are on pain killers you are forcibly made to feel "good"--like everything is alright . . . no matter how much it might actually be falling apart.  I suspect that many of our politicians are on opioids and that this is why they seem not to be able to perceive the degree of threat that our country and culture is under; just how dire and deadly and destructive, for instance are the consequences of collapse of morality, the titanic debt, the loss of constitutional law etc. 

And why is it such a big deal whether or not a person perceives threat (which is a God-given self defense/preservation mechanism--though they claim it is evolutionarily derived)?

Well . . . the big threat . . . that hangs over everyone . . . and which the children of the devil want no one to see or feel or know . . . is DEATH . . . and then the Judgment . . . and then Hell.

Unless and until a person is saved, this very real threat ought be banging on a person's consciousness, mind and heart, day and night . . . until it is resolved one way or the other.  The dark side wants you to not worry about or take it seriously at all.  Then, by default, they will have you with them in Hell.

So, whatever can be done to deaden . . . or destroy . . . or "disrupt" . . . through the use of drugs . . . or MAGNETS . . . is precisely what the dark powers of this world want to promote and purvey, as universally as possible.  Everybody either on drugs or magnets or both.  And those who are "deficient" . . . "sick" . . . "insane" . . . "evolutionarily retrograde" . . . "mentally ill"--who do perceive the very real and deliberate THREAT against their lives and livelihoods and freedom and eternal station . . . will be isolated from society and either liquidated or forcibly medicated or "fixed" . . . so that such "threats" are no longer observed or worried about.

As I wrote in my song, "Transhuman psychotronic, sans gender CATATONIC". 

There is a war on humanity and a spiritual battle royale . .. where the dark ruler of this fallen world seeks to fundamentally alter and/or destroy God created Mankind, and these are the tools of his (the dark lord's) trade, among other things (like frequencies, nanobots, "smart dust", demonic ritual/magic, etc.).

This is why it is so important for them to get our children at the youngest age possible, to preempt their God-given proclivity to detect and react to "threats" against their temporal persons and especially against their eternal souls.  This is why I rejected "their" advice, for instance, that my son Isaac who showed early signs of "ADHD" and Aspergers to put him on medication early on.  He has never been on the stuff and is now a quite theologically astute student of the Bible and believer in God Jesus.  Also, this is why we did not have our kids in public schools as children and why, if I had any young children now, there is no way I would be delivering them up to these infernal institutions today.


Mark said...

I wake getting "blockers".......As you say "barriers".Its important to remember that the holy spirit is bringing in the light/sun/son to heal and that they/them are working just as hard at keeping souls in the darkness.Its quite litterally a battle for ones mind/soul/house.

The Son/Sun brings healing light & life.

Mark said...

Had to add that this tragedy at OSU in oklahoma is just one example of a soul overtaken with darkness.They have all but ruled out alcohol.It will be interesting to see if it comes down to "meds" and the state of her house/mind.

Sadly these types of incidents of souls "looseing it","flipping out" will be poping up as the light comes in to light up the dark places and flushing out the demonic.

Call it a passover,blood of the lamb on the doorpost and the doors shut tight!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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