Saturday, October 10, 2015

national hoax awards

It won't be too much longer I suppose where linking to truth investigations and exposé's and even simple satire and parody (to relay truth) . . . will be shut down.  The new TPP NWO tyrannical set of copyright laws appears to be the end of most "alternative" news sites and information sharing among researchers/investigators.  Only the corporate/fascist/Marxist/Satanic party line will be allowed.

I'm not sure what this will mean for a blog such as mine where occasionally I do post links to other news.  They may be able to blanket shut down such sites merely because of that in the past, regardless if going forward (after the new TPP monopolyist copyright laws go into effect) I cease doing it . . . BUT going forward, I'm not too concerned as I've always been one who is prodigiously able to produce original content, whether in writing or music or satire. . . . In fact, if I had the time and money I could produce original content all day and night long.  Of any problems in life I may have had, creating is not one of them, I praise and thank God as The Original Author of All.

Anyway, while it's still legal I felt like sharing some amusing bits by Youtubist "A Parker" lol....
These diabolical hoaxes, when they are such, intended to further enslave and deprive the people of their God-given rights deserve nothing but contempt and derision in the same spirit that Elijah mocked the priests of Baal.....

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Mark said...

These priests are all the same throughout history,even today.Amen

Brother Thomas ©2015

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