Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Misc. Notes & Modalism

Thank you for your comments. . . . I will respond specifically soon . . . regarding medication and the one about reminding God of promises versus, I would say . . . having an unwarranted spirit of entitlement.  I know that if we err . . . we err not on the side of bearing too much humble submission but on the side of "thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought" (see Rom. 12:3).  But I have much more to say on all of that and so very much appreciate the question!
I must dash off at present but thought I'd give a quick McCraney update via a little video that Pastor Jason Wallace put together.  I know many don't really care to get into fine doctrinal distinctions but some do . . . and I personally find the concept and reality of the doctrine of The Trinity to be a most profound, mysterious and fascinating aspect? character? condition? . . . of God.  At the very least, if we say, for instance . . . to a Moonie . . . or some other cult member "sorry, but you are not worshiping the true and living God; you believe in a different Jesus", and we assert that having a different notion of God than the one the Bible presents . . . results in damnable idolatry, then certainly it is similarly important whether one believes God is a Trinity or . . . "one" operating through different "modes".  If we tell the Muslim he does not worship the true God and we fear for his soul, is it that much of a stretch to say to the modalist "you also do not worship the true God and we fear for your soul"? 
And regardless, honesty and truthfulness surely must be accounted for . . . for one claiming to be a follower of The Truth. . . .

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Mark said...

These come from the "spirit" of their own intelect or self thus are blind to the holy spirit.its called a glome or conglomeration of the three that makes the one.

Here's a little read on the matter,maybe copy & paste.

Anyway a conglomeration is a corprate entity.

One decipher they got off "that rock" was "glomedat"

The three is the one!

LOL......wonder if they can glom on to this truth!

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