Friday, October 23, 2015

Meds, Feelings & Spiritual Misdirections

I've had a concern for years really . . . not sure to address it or not, but now will . . . having to do with drugs, pain-killers, SSRI's (anti-depressants).  And this in terms of how they affect spirituality and the Christian walk specifically. . . .

Real quick, I'll just say that I believe marijuana, aside from purely medicinal uses . . . is a big danger.  I believe it is a doorway, not just to other drugs, but to dark and devious spirit influence (and not THE Spirit).  I don't think it necessarily too terrible to have had some experience with the drug but ongoing, regular usage is, I would say, unwise and a form of idolatry.  I also believe that the "powers that be" (those of the "air") . . . are promoting common usage of the drug because the frequency (so-to-speak) that it puts the mind and soul at . . . is targeted by those powers . . . and they are able to use that resulting state of mind to mind control/influence and create a doorway for demonic/"familiar" spirits to enter and control a person's life.  They use the frequency to bring fear and paranoia . . . such that, if one is a regular user . . . it cause the user to retreat to certain modes of thinking and spirit to assuage the fear and paranoia . . . which are of the dark side's agenda; meaning, that in order to feel okay on the stuff, you have to attune to the mindset/heartset . . . that "they" want you to be in for the overall anti-Christ agenda.  If you do not go to their "place" . . . and remain conflicted with the Spirit still trying to influence you toward The Path . . . then great internal upheaval and anxiety and chaos will ensue.  You will conform to "their" agenda mentally, emotionally, spiritually . . . or else.  And where you end up is in a subtle delusional state, deceived into believing you are "spiritual" and/or receiving direction from the Spirit, but is instead direction from Evil Spirit, though cloaked in "light."

The other current danger, which is rampant, is the use . . . and addiction to pain killers.  I quite believe that many, for instance, online relationships between "believers" that develop and become intimate, purportedly centered around God and the Christian Walk . . . are in fact, nothing more than people being hopped up on opioids and imagining their ecstatic, blissful states to be Spiritual confirmation, when it is nothing really other than the drug talking.  I think many more than would admit it . . . believe they are having Spiritual connections, communication, relationships, "promptings" etc., who are really just being high on opiates, pain killers, mistaking the blissful feelings (chemical) for Spiritual confirmations. . . . A lot of problems result from this, especially between people online, who think they are furthering or involved with "ministry", collecting followers, being followers, supporting this or that "prophet" and so on.  A lot of sound and fury, cloaked in syrupy "Christianese" goes on . . . between folks . . . which amounts to nothing real, except a lot of fruitless emoting . . . which is simply attributable to various folks being high on, ie., Oxycontin, Vicodin, Lortab, Percocet etc. It is too easy to mistake real Spiritual direction and communication . . . with fake, chemical feelings . . . and then to be led away down paths of misdirection, or worse, demonic infestation, feeling great all the while . . . unless you don't have your "meds."  Then all hell breaks loose.  And there is nothing much more difficult than trying to get off of opioid addiction, whether from pills or heroin.  And I consider them the same.  There are a high, high number of people in Provo (the most Mormon dense population in the country, I believe) . . . a few miles from where I live . . . housewives, doctors, lawyers, Bishops, teens . . . who are hooked on painkiller pills . . . who get started taking the pills because they didn't think it was really like "taking drugs" . . . who end up heroin finally because it is cheaper and easier to get.  If you are hooked on pain killers . . . you are basically a heroin addict.

SSRI's are another matter, more complicated, in my view.  I was once on the early version of these, for a short while, some 30 years ago.  I noticed right away that they seemed to sever my Spiritual connection to God.  I believe they do do that and are likely intended to by the "pharmakeia" (sorcery) industry.  

And, in general, I think they should be avoided.  I suspect, for one thing, that eventually, if you have any record of having been on or are currently on SSRI's, you will not be allowed to own a gun.  But that's a more pragmatic issue. . . .

I think the biggest issue is Spiritual with these.  But depression--"chemical" depression . . . or "chemical" anxiety . . . are also debilitating matters.  To cut to the chase, I think that SSRI's can be a temporarily useful medicine, just as any medicine is . . . to be used to address a dire situation.  I know that sometimes, for whatever reasons (which I think are more often than not spiritual) a person is simply not able to function and the use of SSRI can at least get you moving again.  I also believe that in some cases, it might be best--for someone to stay on a dosage of these for a long time.

At the same time, I believe it does quite effectively cut off or limit subtle (electro-chemical) Spiritual communication with the Spirit, with God, where the brain acts to receive the finer impulses of Spiritual contact between the physical and Spiritual. . . .

So why would I say it may be alright to be on SSRI's for any length of time (though I stress temporary is the goal)?  Because our salvation is not based on feelings and not even on ongoing, subtle Spiritual communication.  We have The Word to guide and direct us, for one thing, but also, it is a trap to believe and opine . . . that we must have an emotional connection to God, or else we are lost.  We are saved because of what Christ did!  Nothing we did or do . . . or feel . . . or because we "hear" from God . . . has to do with the key matter, which is our salvation.  That is a matter of fact and belief, of intellectual assent primarily . . . which then may or may not affect the emotions a certain way.  Now, it will change the heart--as in, once saved, we no longer love the things we use to love . . . and we begin to hate the things God hates . . . and tolerance, gentleness, compassion, longsuffering . . . do start to grow in us as we become sanctified; and it is definitely wonderful and to be hoped for . . . that our emotions become increasingly, expandingly involved with our salvation and relationship with God . . . BUT . . . just because we are temporarily cut-off or kind of dead (feelings-wise) toward Spiritual things . . . because of the medication . . . it does NOT mean that our salvation is in jeopardy!  As Christians . . . we are to be somewhat wary of our feelings anyhow, especially as a guide (which is why I think painkillers are so dangerous and misleading.)

. . . . I've got to run . . . but will write some more on this, as it is something I've studied, experienced and have thought a lot about and have been responsible for . . . as father, husband and spiritual leader of my family. . . . 

[and to be clear this is all my opinion on the matter and not medical advice}[and sorry, i don't have time to proofread this... i hope not too many typos:)

back in a bit , God bless


Mark said...

Revalation 3:8'I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name.

The only door that should be open is Jesus or the sun/son

The rest are doors to nowhere.

Gina Williams said...

Hi Brother Thomas. Thank you for the lengthy exposition on the SSRI's; which is where I fit it. It has been a 25 year+ frustrating conundrum; weighing the costs and benefits. Ultimately, it was the fact of having to function to raise 3 children while my husband provided for our needs that forced me to sparingly use Zoloft as needed. I do attempt annual detoxes and am able to do without for about 7 months. Perhaps, supplements I take help; not sure, though. Am blessed to be married to a man (30 years) who loves me with all of my foibles Anyway, God bless you dear brother in Christ. My prayers are with you and your family.

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