Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Stick In The Spokes Of Programming

I find it helpful to regularly throw a glitch into the incessant intended mind/soul programming that is going on, ie., especially through the various, ubiquitous means of the coordinated daily media narrative. . . .

One way I've mentioned before is to read old books.  Simply reading the thoughts and expressions and narratives of past authors in itself helps to immediately shift one out of the current nefarious (mind-controlling) paradigm.  All the more if those authors are inspired or Godly.  The Bible, of course, is supreme among writings for this purpose, but other works--even novels from past eras are efficacious as well in sticking a stick in the spokes of the NWO/Satanic brain-wash agenda.

Here is another method I employ on occasion for your sake.  Perhaps prompted by the Spirit and timed for His purposes in another's life . . . while organizing and cleaning some stuff I'd once had in previous cars . . . among all my tools and materials . . . I found some old "clump-o-dex" which included sporadic notes and inspired writings I did somewhere at sometime while working . . . probably when listening to some spiritual/Biblical pocast . . . or when I was pondering some spiritual issue or question. . . .

"Clump-o-dex"?  Lol, that is the term my wife and I have for what I carry in my pocket . . . which is a bunch of scraps of paper with phone numbers, notes, ideas etc.  A take-off of the ol' "rolodex" function. . . .

Anyway, these random notes are out of the present time--I throw them up here fwiw (for what its worth) as a poor man's "stick in the spokes" of the present media narrative programming. . . . I do not alter or fix, edit them (the grammar, political incorrectness is as is.)  Where I do expound in the present it is in brackets.]

Here are a few for starters.  If you find these interesting, amusing, or helpful, I will put up the rest.


--If you do believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, then the perplexing passages fascinate me.
--Re spirit recede--If Calvinism true, its a great help to weather thru.  Arminian could say yeah but lack of Spirit motivates to TRY harder for fear of losing salvation--But I say I never could, of my own be more "spiritual"--it was always false (ie., note lovey-dovey Crystal/Bill conversation = bad result for Bill).  Instead, I throw myself back onto faith, not works to get the Spirit back. [note: Bill was my father in law.  I found a cassette recording of a conversation of his with a "spiritual" friend where they are talking all new-agey "love and light" stuff and positive-attraction thinking, how great it is and works.  Bill ended up demon possessed, I'm convinced, and took a shotgun to himself in the head a year or so after that conversation.]
--Progressive Revelation--the truth is not what is written & absolutely know from the Word of God, but rather WHATEVER the current prophet says it is, even if it contradicts past "prophets" and the written Word of God Itself!  This example is the hallmark--the definition of cultism--of following and elevating MAN above the unchanging, sovereign God.
--"Christianity--'the religions of the day' are of Hell"--said Mormon "prophet" John Taylor, Vol. 6, pg176 Journal of Discourses.
--Apostle ("seer, revelator, prophet) Bruce R. McConkie in his book "The Millennial Messiah" pg.54-55:  "The church of the devil today is communism, Stalin, Nazism and is modern Christianity in all its parts."


Anonymous said...

One of the best books one can read to get out of the modern-day programming, besides the Bible, is Uncle Tom's Cabin. And, of course, if one has not read Clarence Carson's six-volume A Basic History of the United States, that one will definitely help one get out of the modern-day programming, as well, because it dispels many of the notions that have become modern-day doctrine in the 24-hour news cycle.


Mark said...

Its like watching the pope granting mercy and forgiveness to women whom have had abortions.In this one act the pope has placed himself in front of God or assumes he has reached such a pinnacle that the pope(a man) is God.

Again who Grants mercy!

Exodus33:1919 And the Lord said, “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. 20 But,” he said, “you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.”

Out of all the years the pope has studied scripture he should be able to grasp what a child can understand.Thats unless he serves a different god and the author of confusion.

The Pope is none other than a man leading a very large cult/ religion.Look how the catholic followers are hypnotized by his presence.He is also a media darling!

These leader types in polotics,religion,media in "the world" all running around glory seeking.Self glorification is the pinnacle of sinners.

All glory be unto God........not the pooooop!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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