Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stamping Out The Sparks

" . . . there shall certainly be a resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked.  In view of this, I also do my best to maintain always a blameless conscience both before God and before men."  --Acts: 24:15-16

We ought be zealous to sustain a good conscience on our way to glory.  Woe to the one who has no pricking of the conscience.  It would appear God has deprived them of that taste of Hell which might motivate them to change course.  Instead, they will bear and feel the full weight of their guilt on the Day of Judgment.  Of all the horrors and disturbances in this world . . . I don't think any compare to the sight of those who have no fear, no dread, no sense whatsoever of their dangerous condition.  There is nothing more frightening to behold than the one who is secure in their way, buried in all manner of sin (lying, cheating, pridefulness, lust, adultery, blasphemy, cruelty etc.) carrying on as if all is right in the world and no great consequences will ever result.  

And no only this, but even more terrifying are they who go further and celebrate their seeming liberty from any sense of guilt or shame--who revel in their disassociation from God, calling it freedom!

Yet, how long do we ourselves carry on, continuing in sin . . . even though we have had the benefit of warning?  

Are there smoldering coals in your conscience?  Are there still corners of your heart where rebellion still lurks . . . in the shadows, where there is a suppressed, quiet but persistent gnawing away?

How much more blessed it is to be marching to glory with a good conscience!  

It is easy and somewhat pleasurable (not a blessed pleasure) to look at the wicked and marvel at how oblivious they are to the precariousness of their standing, showing levity and unconcern regarding eternal consequences.  But wait--.  Are we in any less precarious of a situation?  Perhaps not, if, having been warned in our consciences that we yet have unresolved sins and areas of rebellion which we know are there . . . but do not make effort to fight and dislodge--that we presume safety merely because we believe the Lord Who is He says He is?  The demons "believe and tremble".  Many who claim otherwise actually don't believe or tremble.

When you have been given some--even small sense of the majesty and purity and goodness and holiness and glory of God, the thought of continually offending Him with harbors of continuing sin, despite pains of conscience, belies the depth of your witness.  Those who have seen the glory of God, even reflected in His angels, are immediately humbled, devastated, compelled to worship.  

Those who claim to know God, but live the same day after day, and who are not immensely distressed by the sin still residing in their heart, mind, soul . . . may be no better off than they who flaunt God's law and celebrate their own wickedness.  For the former have no excuse, whose consciences are burning, gnawing, imploring for sanctification; while those extolling evil have no conscience to dissuade them, it having been seared to cold stone hardness.

Let us . . . who claim the Lordship of Christ be eager, energetic, deliberative . . . in sustaining a good conscience on our march to eventual glory.  Let us attend those sparks thrown up from Hell in our midst . . . before their smoldering catches blaze and begins to burn back down all the good ground we've gained!

What a great, encouraging feeling it is to be aggressively engaged in stamping out the vestiges of evil in our souls, that with each step we are gaining more and more light, peace, comfort, strength, joy, love . . . on our way to the gates of the eternal, glorious, celestial city of God.

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