Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spirit AND in Truth

God is to be worshiped in Spirit AND in Truth.  There are truths in other so-called "faiths".  But not the Spirit.  You can have truths . . . but where the Spirit is absent you are bound for dangerous idolatry.  Nothing is so clear to me, now with eye that see, as those who create gods of their own predilections.  They will not conform to God.  They want God to conform to them; when He doesn't as shown in His Word, they ignore the Word, marginalize it . . . twist it . . . and then go running after other gods who better placate their ravenous egos.  It almost always ends up in some kind of mystical humanism--man centered, woman centered.  They may find some truths, and this they take for being THE Truth, but if the Spirit is not in it--if it is not of God, then it is but another spirit and ultimately turns out demonic, albeit dressed in "light". . . .

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Mark said...

Good message,

For example the pope in his address to congress.I was with him with loveing one's neighbor(the human creature).He completely lost me when he moved into the "global warming" science/religion.Truth be known if one buys into the global warming guilt trip
Doctrine that one including the pope simply lacks faith,trust.

Yep....the pope places his faith and trust in man/woman to right the so called errors in Gods creation.

The great man of faith has no faith at all!

He is just another rock star......a media darling seeking glory.

Are we starting to understand why "that rock" is there on this continent?

Brother Thomas ©2015

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