Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rest of Clump-o-dex

Okay, here are the rest of my scribbled notes from a stash of clumpodex I came across cleaning my paint supplies. . .  They are probably from 4-5 years ago.  These ones happen to have LDS related stuff and some Trinity references.  I haven't edited or corrected them but relate as is. . . .
--Brigham Young Journal Vol. 5 pg 331 "Christian God is the Mormon's devil", "All my sermons are considered scripture" (Ensign 2002 confirms that all such sermons are scripture).
--But no restoration [of Gospel] needed.  See Mark 13:31 "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away."  See also Eph. 3:21, John 10:35: "And you know that the Scriptures cannot be altered. So if those people who received God's message were called 'gods,' . . . "
--If you are Christian, why did your leader condemn, damn "Christianity"?  Also note re cry of "why do you bash us?" that you drew first blood ie., in the temple rite where the Protestant minister is shown as a minister of Lucifer. . . .
--Bible says polygamy an abomination.  Joseph Smith lied about being polygamist, other leaders have lied about it.  Book of Mormon preaches against it.  It's adultery.  J.S. married already married woman (11), had 14 year old wife in Emma's house.
--Joseph Smith had many failed prophecies (thus fails the Biblical test for a true prophet.)
--No evidence of B of M culture.
--re "Adam/God doctrine" by B.Y. . . . truth doesn't change vs. "progressive revelation".
--Brigham Young says blacks never to get the priesthood cuz of Cain's curse.
--Who is Jesus? Do you have the right Jesus?  John 8:24 says you must know "who I am" or die in your sin.
--LDS follow "Doctrine of Abrogation" where living prophet trumps a dead prophet, like Islam [where Muhammad's prophetic ministry trumps all prior prophets]
--Paradigm Christ...child orange...crescent spiral...jam sea [I have no idea why I wrote these words down together, lol].
--Idolatry means "adoration".  Any attribute stripped, taken from God-- we exchange the Glory/truth of God for a lie.  See Romans 1 Paul re wrath . . . because our propensity to take away glory of God's true character instead glorify Who God is.  If we blot His attributes our of His character we are not worshiping the true God but rather a false.  God is a God of love from scripture, also a God of wrath scripture.  You can't pick and choose.  True religion means worshiping God as He is.  So you must teach the whole counsel of God, otherwise participating in idolatry and breaking 1st commandment!  *Trust: It is real God or an idol--pick and choose?  *Invocation:  who do you appeal to?  the church? the stars? saints? tokens/totems?  The sins of a fallen race--refusal to honor God as God is and not to be thankful, ie., to wish we had a better lot, we deserve more ie., rather than thank God always.
--Eph 1 shows Fathers love.
--"Henotheism"  One major God with minor gods.
Carmen Christi: worshipping Christ as God. Phil. 2:5,6
--Note, the Trinity is unique; Within one being God there exists 3 coequal eternal persons. A rock has being, substance, not a person.


Mark said...

Amen,this is why the worship of the man Jesus(christianity)and missing the message he brought in man's eyes his flesh overrode his message and teachings.

The stone down in Oklahoma will never see a church building around it,if this happens we fail to get the message written on it.The catholic church was built around the wrong peter,petros,petra or rock!

Jesus was well aware of mans propensity to worship the physical creation and not the creator of the holy spirit had to leave a message somewhere it would last.Flesh passes away,rocks don't.

IF a man/woman shows up in flesh claiming "I am" their a liar.I know this because of that rock/the messenger in Oklahoma.Why its here in the U.S. remains to be seen!We will see all the false prphets though......because of this rock.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a "clump-o-dex"...I have so many darn thoughts flowing through my head and I'd love to keep a record.


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