Saturday, September 12, 2015

Recoil, Run, Pull Away. . . .

We have got to get and stay close to the Lord in these coming days.  As we always should, of course, but more than ever, if possible . . . because of the spiritual enemies and attacks that are ubiquitous.  We should learn to have no boundaries in our hatred of sin.  It is a mistake and a danger to think of some sins as little and others as more serious.  The least sin is an abomination and direct attack against holy God.  God is holy, holy, holy.  He said to be holy as He is holy!  This is the standard.  It is a sin to shrug that command off and turn away without a fight (to become more holy.)  It is not a small thing.  It is disobedience, which God hates.  He hates lawlessness and rebellion, with a perfect, holy hatred. 
There should be no boundary, no limit, no resting in our hatred of sin, which is always against God and against Him first.  It is not that we sin against ourselves, against others, against nature, against creatures and systems and things.  We sin against GOD!  All such rebellion is rebellion against our precious, holy, perfect, wonderful Creator, Father.
We ought have no coupling with the children of wrath and disobedience.  We ought not walk together on a path, holding hands.  There should be no tether to our hatred of sin--that it only goes so far.  But it should be that encountering or playing with the slightest sin is like touching a radiating, searing, white-hot burning metal.  Recoil, recoil, pull away, run!
On the other hand, there should be no limit to our love of God.  It should not only go so far and then we hold it back.  Our love of God ought run on and on and on, growing, surging, spreading in all directions, so that all on our path are swept up in it!  We love God so much that then we are able to love others.  But not sin.  We should never love sin, but hate it to no end.  And grow in our repulsion and rejection and blessed hatred of it, for it is what is against and wars at God in every instance, from the so-called "least" to the great.  Praise God always, in all things, thanking Him always, humble in and for His grace and mercy.  Peace, grace, mercy, love of God--let these be the watchwords of the day, as we fight here, foreigners, travelers, strangers in a strange world and enemy camp. . . .

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