Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Earthquake Sensing

I can't find it through a quick word search . . . but not too long ago, maybe in early summer I remember making a sort of an aside mention that of all the various things being predicted and expected as coming big events . . . in essence, I kept "getting" EARTHQUAKE.  It has been a nagging premonition for a while since . . . off and on. 

Just two days ago . . . and again last night . . . I almost came here to post a quick warning or notice of this sense of earthquakes being a "thing" in the near future--very near future.  I felt it quite strongly, as I looked at it in my mind, so-to-speak . . . but then hesitated . . . thinking . . . what's the point in mentioning it?  Anyway, subsequently, I've heard the news about the large earthquake and tsunami today off Chile.  So, I guess I'll write a tad on it. . . . Just as an aside. . . .

I see a lot of things before they happen, and I'm not sure what to make of it but generally consider it simply something like a natural (albeit 6th type) sense thing.  I have nothing to with the occult or even seeking such information out--and I've deduced, over the years, except for noticing it in the mix of all other research, news, info etc., and for big picture type preparations and observations . . . it doesn't seem to have much purpose.  I also think it is dangerous and ill advised to spend much, if any serious, ongoing focus on.  It seems to be an incidental ability or attribute.   It could be something related to what animals--dogs, cats etc., apparently exhibit in sensing impending earthquake activity.  I keep it mostly to myself, though I will tell my wife some of the things sometimes, just to share . . . and because occasionally it may factor, as I say, in "big picture" decisions, direction we might be considering. . . .

As far as this strong premonition regarding "earthquake" . . . which nearly compelled me to post something last night before bed . . . I'll just say that I don't think this one today is all that it's about.  I suspect there is more.  Bigger . . . real big . . . "the big one" as they say.  I presume it won't just be one alone either or in one place.  However, as many expect . . . well . . . let's just say that my song "Good-Bye Los Angeles" . . . might not suffer from another verse or two . . . about Portland . . . Seattle.  Whatever it is . . . wherever it hits . . . I am getting that it will indeed be profound in its destruction and repercussions. . . . I hope it is not here, along the Wasatch Front, although we too are slated for the "big one", which is overdue they say. . . .

This business with the pope--this unusual Jesuit pope . . . and his visit is also something. . . . Why am seeing that they might somehow be related . . . in some way . . . at some point ("earthquake" and the pope)? . . . . I don't know--that just occurred to me that they might.

But enough.  I dare not go much further. 

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Mark said...

The creator has any number of means at his disposal to break wills or to bring to humility.Natural disasters have a tendancy to bring out the best in the human creature.This is what seporates human from nature.

The creator God can and will use these events to bring X or to "unify" where as the other god/lucifer and his minions like the poop are here to bring division as indicated on his new stance on marriage inullments(division).

So it would not suprise me at all to see a quake while the poop is here.

Remember the first runic symbol on that rock down there is the X and this represents "gift" or "unity" .

GODS WILL BE DONE!..........not the poops.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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