Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Sinless Perfection" & the "Love" Demon

So . . . "get right with God" is a rather loaded statement . . . and has become trite through casual usage.  But I am always meaning to "stop the presses"--stop letting one's mind just be constantly led along by the narrative of the moment and really, truly remember the reality of God and His omni-presence and to foment a real, in the moment relationship with Him.

"Getting right" with Him . . . in the context of my recent writings would include first of all realizing the depth and profundity of our sin against Him--how serious it is.  Then should follow a deeper, heartfelt appreciation for the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf--how serious and meaningful it was to rescue us from that horrific, deadly evil.

Doing this rightly puts one in the necessary and proper state of humility whereby "getting right" has "teeth".  When we are only half-heartedly carrying on, lost in the worldly trance and subject to the idol we have made in our mind . . . we have a largely dead chasm of illusion between us and the Lord.  We should want to be in the position where we truly experience friendship with God.  For this is the amazing, wondrous blessing of our very being, our existence!  To be on a friendly basis with God Himself.  But first I would suggest there ought be the appropriate reverence and awe and respect and gratitude before Him.  Then His deigning to comradery with us is all the more rich, powerful, efficacious in our daily life.

Dare I say it . . . that the most blatant, arrogant and dangerous fools I've seen are those so-called open air "preachers", such as hyper-Arminian Jesse Morrell who thinks he has attained himself "sinless perfection."  He actually claims to no longer sin and then castigates those in his audience as sinners who need to repent. . . . Talk about an object lesson Mathew 7:1-5!  "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?" (7:3)

Now, on the flip side there is another great heretical doctrine of sort sweeping the church and land and this is the one which I think will actually be foisted by anti-christ(s) as the main doctrine of the Luciferian one world religion.

They are currently using--and I think will use more . . . an idol of "Love" as being THE guiding spiritual force; which already is fooling many to believe they are following God when they are following "Love".  It is a quite subtle and devious bait and switch.  Who dares reject "Love"?  Who is going to fight against "Love" as being the byword whereby to organize world peace and universal unity and "brotherhood"?

And I think there is an actual demon, if not Satan himself, leading the charge on this.  I have seen this demon take hold of minds . . . such a Rob Bell, Shawn McCraney . . . where it eventually shoves the God of the Bible out of the way and interjects this new god "Love" in His place, claiming it is all the same thing.  For is it not said "God is love"?  "Light and love" will be the banner--already is, where this deceptive, destructive, enslaving and filthy demon operates and subdues (darkly ironically through mass surveillance and violent oppression) the people and only those "fundamentalist" "HATE-filled" pesky "Bible-thumping" Christians will refuse to join the parade.  

The "gar rights" movement is already using the memes "It's all about who you LOVE", "it's about LOVE". . . .

I will write more on this. . . . There is also a lot of emphasis on the "ego" being the problem--which I want to distinguish from what I often harp on as "self-serving, self-seeking"--we are NOT talking about the same thing.

Here are a couple examples from the group "We Are From The Future" which give the essence and message of what this new collectivist one world religion is like.  And I'm not at all surprised to find they just also "happen" to be very progressive, socialistic, transhumanist in their general outlook. . . . 

[I've seen it all before.  It is basically the same synthesized "teaching" that I heard from Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (OSHO) which said that all paths lead to God, "love is the key" . . . and we must move "beyond" the old ways of thinking and spirituality (primarily Biblical Christianity of course.)]

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