Wednesday, August 26, 2015

September Dawn. . . .

Yes, there is always that "normalcy bias" which goes along while watching things unfold where you are apt to just keep plugging along . . . missing "the forest for the trees" so-to-speak.  There certainly is a lot of buzz about September--I've been tracking all of it from the financial to the celestial (ie., Planet X effects, an asteroid or meteor expected to hit) . . . to the military (Russia's build up, Ukraine, Jade Helm etc.) to the terrestrial (Fukushima radiation impacts, drought, the coming mega "El Nino", pending mega quakes, multiple volcanoes,etc.) . . . to the political (increased tyrannical moves ie., re 1st & 2nd Amendments, mandatory vaccines, water wars, Iran nuke deal, Agenda 21,UN's 70th session/new "2030 Agenda", the global engineered immigration flood, terrorism potential etc.,) . . . to the spiritual and cosmic (the Shemitah, the final blood moon, the Pope's One World Gov. encyclical, the Haj, the Days of Awe, Cern opening dimensional portals). . . .

A plain example of "normalcy bias" is this:  Some people, when you happen to tell them about all the intense, paradigm and life-changing events happening or about to happen . . . will say something like, "yeah, yeah, yeah, people have been warning about these things forever and it never happens."

Which sadly amuses me . . . because what they don't realize is that many of the "crazy" things predicted years ago . . . (which they scoffed at then) have actually happened and we are living in the midst of already.  Such people are the proverbial slow-boiling frog.  They have forgotten, for instance, what it was like to live in a relatively society with free speech, free movement, property rights--where you weren't worried that a policeman might shoot you over a parking ticket. Where you could travel freely without being stopped at checkpoint, illegally searched, harassed, sometimes robbed (by the "authorities") . . . or when you could do what you wanted pretty much on your own property or business without having to obtain myriad licenses, pay fees, face restrictions).  Or how it was once abhorrent to sexualize children (commonplace now), or a hundred other things that once were laughed at as being "paranoid" or "extremist" to be worrying about.  If you listen to my old early 90s "T.Ray/NWO" shows . . . I was (satirically) proposing extreme new laws and restrictions which people at that time thought were outrageous . . which are now commonplace and have been put into practice.  Which WAS the point of my doing those warn how people would just accept the tyrannical changes and controls with little fuss so long as it was all foisted with calm voices and matter-of-fact, inevitable tones. . . .

Point is, we already ARE living in the crazy, tyrannical times that many of us warned were coming, and yet people still cannot see it, as it is the very air they breathe now. . . .

Anyway, yes, I've been tracking all the buzz and prognostication re this coming September and fall generally . . . and I must say that just recently I felt I got my own internal warning alarm . . . compelling to move into high gear now to prepare on various fronts as able. 

All along, through these past 10 years or so here . . . I've emphasized the spiritual preparation and will continue to do so, as this is really all that matters ultimately.  But we are also to be wise stewards . . . and we do live in this material world . . . at this point in time . . . and some of us may have work to do during and beyond the designated chaos (and persecution) coming on the horizon.

I have been watching and waiting for that internal confirmation throughout all of this . . . and am responding to it now, as it seems to have arrived about a week or so ago and continues, letting me know that yes, we are on the brink of same major stuff. . . .

The danger in the normalcy bias . . . is that when it finally does start cracking up . . . you realize sadly that you were indeed warned, the signs were there . . . and you simply refused to see what is now the obvious. . . . And it's too late. . . .

May God bless and protect and strengthen and guide us in the coming days and months, that we may glorify and bring honor to His Name and calling!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being that voice, Bro. It was certainly surreal to watch the news of the stock market falling drastically, and then recovering..."The largest drop ever, but recovering nicely..." Meanwhile, China's just over there manipulating their currency and interest rates and laughing all the long while as Wall Street, and the rest of the US, panics. Oh well, this is the world of those who don't even understand how beautiful is this creation, and so, are content to destroy it and grab their popcorn while they enjoy watching the flames consume it. Thank the Lord that He is the Lord. Still working my way through the Santilli vaccine whistleblower episode...thanks for the tip!


Keith Patton said...


I just found your blog while searching for shawn mccraney, and see you keep saying that the catholic church teaches we have to earn our salvation through our own good works, here is what the church actually teaches:

Council of trent session 6

Canon 1.
If anyone says that man can be justified before God by his own works, whether done by his own natural powers or through the teaching of the law,[110] without divine grace through Jesus Christ, let him be anathema.

Canon 2.
If anyone says that divine grace through Christ Jesus is given for this only, that man may be able more easily to live justly and to merit eternal life, as if by free will without grace he is able to do both, though with hardship and difficulty, let him be anathema.

Canon 3.
If anyone says that without the predisposing inspiration of the Holy Ghost[111] and without His help, man can believe, hope, love or be repentant as he ought,[112] so that the grace of justification may be bestowed upon him, let him be anathema.

Mark said...

Here's what scripture says. Not the Catholic church.

And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy.

One cannot work or church your way into the kingdom.Not even trough the Catholic church.Jusus was very Aware of Christianity becoming a religion like it has and always defered to the father.God(I) spares individuals(whom).

Brother Thomas ©2015

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