Saturday, August 29, 2015

Left Alone

Throughout life . . . at times . . . there is this somewhat paradoxical moment that occurs . . . where the sweetness of friendship and close relationship with the Lord is eminent.  It is when all other avenues are taken away and there is no one, no thing to provide solace but the Spirit Himself.

As fallen, flawed humans, even in our close friendships and familial relations . . . it turns out that "the other" cannot always be relied upon.  Just as we ourselves are not always 100% reliable.  It goes so far sometimes that even those we love and who love us . . . are made temporary vehicles for demonic agency.  It need not be full possession or even overmuch demonic oppression--but just the occasional off and on again shadowing or influence from the dark side. . . . The enemy is able to influence and confuse, seduce and misdirect fellow companions . . . such that you find yourself quite alone in the world . . . despite being surrounded by fellow travelers, where all seem to be your enemy. . . .

I don't believe this is an unusual or rare situation, but actually quite persistent and common, again just as we ourselves are occasionally but regularly fooled and lost, sinning and causing sin. . . .

But while it can be a fearful, desperate moment--to realize you are ultimately alone (temporally speaking) in this world--it is also a blessed time when all the props are taken away . . . and you are left to recall and put into effect . . . that really . . . it is always the case . . . that God--the Lord is your only true, reliable companion. 

You can always go to Him . . . when all else fails . . . and He permits or causes depredations in our lives . . . because He loves us and wants us to realize the profundity and necessity of our wholesale reliance on Him alone.

No charms, no stand-ins, no systems or methods, no ascetic practice, no familiar spirit, no loved one, no friend . . . should or even can take His place as the ONLY ONE we are to go to for comfort and relief . . . and strength and peace.

The martyrs know this as often they stand alone against the whole world--even friends and family often have turned against them, shouting at them to cave, to give up this dogged determination to rely and call upon and lift up and proclaim God alone.

All believers, it is expected, in this world experience some degree of the same thing; where all supports are taken away--you can trust no one--and there stands God to hold you and see you through.

If it were not for such times, we would rarely, if ever, remember Him and trust in Him . . . the way we are called to. . . . So I thank God for this.

Praise God. . . .

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Mark said...

All my life I labored physically.i figured thats just the way it is.In 2011 I had a stroke that for the most part took me out of the worldly game of laboring physically to gain nothing.

Today it makes no sense to me but I find myself on disability and strange enough it's just enough to sustain me,no more no less.In the process of haveing to take financial aide broke my most folks I was raised to pull my part of the load.

Through this whole process I have learned to see the best and the worst in human beings.To see who actually cares(has love)and who's in it for the self.I tend to be drawn to the ones who care for others and let those that are for themselves fall where the may.

Turns out this whole section of my lifes walk turns out to be a love lesson frome the master.Unfortunately "the world" I'm in and not part of in the spirit of appears to be everyone for the self for the most part.

I patiently wait fore others to come out of the spirit of "the world" and into the spirit of loveing God and others.

In the lesson of love and patience.....God bless!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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