Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Headaches and Toxic Plumes

So I went to the doctor last week and we are testing some medication to see if I can get the headaches to stop or at least greatly reduce in frequency.  I went that week without an episode but started betting "the shadow" Saturday in a big way, which would generally lead to a real doozy--hours of writhing pain, incapacitated.  He gave me a sample of a "triptan" medication that people take when the onset happens, before the pain kicks in . . . and, while it knocked me out for a while, it did prevent the headache.  That was a first.  Another started yesterday, and I had one more sample and that prevented it as well.  You can only take so many of those a week though and now I'm out . . . but hope to get a script for more . . . which is definitely a better situation than what I've been going through the past few years.  At least some relief and ability to work and function as I so need to be doing. . . .

Also, I am trying some of the suggested holistic, more natural approaches to see if I can alleviate things that way, which would be preferable long term. . . . A catscan will be the next thing to try to see if there's anything obvious going on. . . . Thanks again for prayers, concern, et al!:)


And for something completely different--.  Call my cynical . . . but I suspect that the EPA deliberately poisoned the Colorado river with that toxic metal spill.  What a nightmare!  And what a sick, typical, twisted irony during this regime.  The "Environmental Protection Agency" . . . whose task it is to prevent, eliminate, mitigate pollution of the environment (ostensibly) . . . end up massively POLLUTING the environment!  Surprise, surprise. [Another fine example of the "QMPDT" method, heh, where you can discern whats intended by tptb through flipping to opposite of their stated objective].


It's all a part of Agenda 21 ramping up, I believe.  Destroy the water source for hundreds of generally independent, country communities . . . who are relatively self-sufficient and drive them in to the cities.  Just like Lenin and Stalin and Mao use to do.  They are clearly (as I see it) taking over water and using water as a primary means to control, move, manipulate whole population areas, a la what's happening in California.  That drought I believe is staged.  There is evidence I have heard which even suggests that they have set up one or more phony "Sandy Hook"/Stepford/Wayward Pines type communities there from which they launch the scare and propaganda and "fixes" for the "water problem."  This phony "Potemkin" town template, as used in Littletown/Sandy Hook . . . is something I think we will be seeing a lot more of, where they stage "wag the dog" false flag events ....then magnify and direct through the media "reaction" and phony polls . . . to continue the transformation of America . . . to Amerika, so to speak. . . .

Crops, food . . . will also be used, controlled, rationed . . . as in the Ukraine.  Again, I must say everything I see going on is but classic communist takeover techniques, well proven, used many times before, and in which we are in the midst. . . .

Hence . . . GET RIGHT WITH GOD!  He's the only prep, the only salvation, strength, power, courage, joy, purpose!
God bless


Mark said...

It important to remember that the God of truth is truly in all things(doctors)and will guide and make a way trough your headaches .

As far as "the gold" and other ores(treasures) their after shows the depth of their depravity in understanding spiritual trasure.As far as the wastewater it merely viewed as "collateral damage" but are quite litterally destroying the Gods creation and nothing angers God more.

The commies had to get some money somewhere.The only thing they must do is manage the preceptions of the people until marginalized back to sleep.

They had to do something with the water....right!

In their world the Titanic is going down and their just desperately trying to save their ship.

Linda L. said...

I'm glad you found something to help with your headaches. Praying relief continues.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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