Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Quick Request

First . . . I could use some prayers.  I have suffered for quite a while now from recurring debilitating headaches.  They have been coming more frequently the past year or so--about every week or two at most . . . and will carry on for a period of a couple to a few days.  They bring along some other symptoms as well and it pretty well shuts me down so that I cannot work or do much of anything but writhe in pain for hours, sometimes days at a time.  I've tried eliminating various food items, cut out salt, manage high blood pressure, watched the air pressure . . . and while these things do seem to act as triggers it also has a randomness that is frustrating to put a finger on.

Not having health insurance and living mostly hand to mouth, being basically an hourly laborer . . . with a house full of people I'm still largely responsible to maintain . . . has made it difficult to know what to do.  As in, I can't really afford to get a bunch expensive medical tests done or get and MRI which is likely what I should be doing to rule out the worst potential sources of the pain.

It's been so bad recently though--and has got my wife and kids so worried that I am going to see our "doctor" (he's actually a "PA"/physicians assistant) and will try a few initial things out to see if there is something obvious that can be picked up (I've been told a Catscan is not crazy expensive compared to an MRI and could spot something big like a tumor or recent bleeding around the brain.)

Anyway, I of course believe in the power of prayer, so would definitely appreciate any you might send my way regarding this.  Myself, I haven't ruled out supernatural or directed attack . . . but am hoping it is maybe just something related to ie., blood pressure which I am able to get managed better.

Thank you and God bless


Ellen Short said...

Thomas, prayers for you and family. My husband and I also have no insurance and work day to day when we can to bring in enough to survive. I had a cancer surgery last December. I can not pay the ludicrous amount they are billing me. I would suggest shopping around for private places that offer scans, as I found out that a $5000 bill from the hospital where the dr. worked that ordered it could be as little as $700 in a private facility not associated with them.
Look into using himalayan pink salt or Real Salt from Redmond. No salt is not healthy. They have all the minerals. Magnesium is one that is very lacking in our diets and can cause headaches, sleeplessness, and lots of other stuff. There are some good supplements such as Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil, absorbed through the skin, and Natural Vitality brand "natural calm" supplement which is mixed in water or juice to drink. Do you take an iodine supplement? That can help with energy levels. Just some suggestions that are way cheaper than doctor bills. Also a natural path doctor or chiropractor would be a good start. Hope you get relief and healing soon! Here is a page from with some links about magnesium.

Anonymous said...

Prayers in Jesus Name my friend!

ROGER said...

Hey there, Bro. T.

I'm so sorry to hear about those migraine problems.. It makes me so sad.. My prayers are with you.. I got a video up on my channel and some good folks will be praying for you..

Peace and Many Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Bro Thomas.

Make sure to drink lots of water if you can, 3 litres per day is best. I know I get headaches if my water in-take drops. I'm just led to write this. Hope you get better.


P.S Loved your video link on the stationary earth! Now; if I can just get people to believe that it is FLAT! :)

God speed.

Lee in TN said...

Prayers certainly for your health & provision, Bro T!

Some things that are helpful to me in dealing with my blood pressure issues -
walnuts & almonds
walnut oil, olive oil & other EFA's
coconut oil - using that for most of our cooking
water - plenty of water!
And actually mineral-rich, unrefined sea salt is good for you. I know they say cut back on salt, but a pinch of this stuff on the tongue, followed by a glass of water is great! And with some lemon juice, has been effective in relieving headaches.

Prayer and meditation too. And knowing that God has this!

Blessings. Take care dear Brother.

Linda L. said...

I'm sorry to hear this. I will be praying for you.

Linda Rose said...

I will be standing with you in prayer for a miracle against this on going battle of debilitating headaches brother Thomas

Anonymous said...

I pray for your rejuvenation. Jesus heal this please.

Mark said...

For me it started with a stroke.It turned out the stroke was allowed to break my will and cause me to stand down against the lawless ones.I tried to explain this as come into the ten commands and that these far supercede any man's law.In other words when one lives within these ten they will be at peace under any mans law.

The second of these is to love thy neighbor.If we are railing against the "do what thow wilt" crowd or the "commies" shows we are weak in faith and trust in the lord.

The last couple weeks I've been feeling a drawing down/back from the world in observation of what God is doing.

So my prayer is for a strengthening of faith and trust and the lord.

I mistakenly mistook the stroke for an attack when in acuality it was God breaking my will......God told me "I got it"!

Love God and your neighbor and you will see......Time to stand down.

Sandy Robinson said...

I will pray for your complete recovery.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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