Monday, July 6, 2015

What We Treasure

I love the Truth.  With a perfect love?  No, it's flawed of course, like me . . . but through the years while searching for the Truth, wanting the Truth . . . then finding the Truth . . . I have learned to love the Truth. 

This has meant a steady, conscious and continuing effort at submitting to God's sovereignty and loosing the urge to resent it or secretly try to countermand or finesse around what He's wrought . . . and writes . . . remembering "not me, but HE"!

I use to love a lie--when I was lost.  Being my own god, I lived in a world I created . . . where I was king and always winning regardless of how things were going in reality; there was always a way to justify things--consequences, results (from being a lost fool). . . . The emperor with no clothes. 

And oh what freedom there seems to be when you are "creating your own reality", where you are able to construct and revise and adapt as you go--where everything is relative . . . centered only on selfish wants and supposed needs.  Everyone and all circumstances are made to fit and maintain that delusion.

Ahhh . . . is this not the way of the world?  Do we not hear the pied piper of doom's siren-call reflecting back through all in that concocted realm . . . saying, "create your own reality" . . . "you can be anything you want to be" . . . "follow your heart" . . . "don't let them keep you down". . . .

But it's all illusion.  In that state you think you are making your own way . . . but if you could but see in the light of Truth . . . you would see yourself a monster, bound in chains, a slave ring in your nose . . . as the one who hates you most leads you stealthily to your destruction.

When the Lord shined His light onto me . . . I was horrified.  It was "the great dressing down."  And since then, although stumbling at times, as I follow the path of righteousness . . . I have learned to once again love holiness and Truth and light.   It's not a lazy way.  I work it out with fear and trembling . . . and thrill and delight.  [I say "once again" because in the innocence of my youth I recall visitations of holiness--the experience of His righteous presence . . . which is a presence that is more real and lovely and magnetic than any other experience.]

If you love the Truth . . . you love that many are called but few are chosen.  Because that is what He said.

If you love the Truth . . . you love your brothers and sisters and you love others.  You love God above all and seek to love others like you love your self, which causes you to be sacrificial, giving, tolerant, compassionate, understanding.  A good father takes no "pleasure" when he needs to discipline his child, but it is right and good that he does so when necessary.

If you love the Truth . . . you take no pleasure in the death of the wicked--but would that they turn from their wicked ways and live.  There is no contradiction in loving that God is a righteous judge and shows His wrath every day while yet taking no pleasure that the wicked rebel.

If you love the Truth . . .. you love every day reading about, thinking about, doing about . . . the things of God and you abhor and resist the temptations of the world and all its distractions and meaningless pursuits.

If you love the Truth . . . you seek those others who love the Truth and avoid those who waste their time and energy on meaningless self-serving, self-glorifying entertainments and endeavors.

It takes effort . . . sacrifice . . . intention . . . practice . . . like anything we become better and more efficient at.  Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. . . .

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