Friday, July 24, 2015

Turn From The World!

As far as your life in this world is concerned . . . believer . . . you are already dead.  Death of the worldly-seeking self is not optional and cannot be a partial measure.  Dead, done, finiš. . .

"Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.  Because of these things the wrath of God is coming on the sons of disobedience."  Col. 3:5-6

How embarrassing it will be--nay, devastating!--to stand before the Holy God on that day, bringing the "fruits" of your life's efforts, time, energy . . . and it is nothing but thoughtless, self-centered rubbish, meaningless, detestable baubles all to do with that life's lusts, greed, evil desires. . . .

A whole life lived in self-deception, with all your energy, time, money, attention . . . expended on self serving, self aggrandizing . . . for having sought the whole time to be well thought of in the eyes of other thoughtless, wicked men and women. . . .

What was truly done for Jesus?  What was sincerely done out of sheer gratitude and acknowledgement in consideration for the life and blood given--sacrificed on your behalf so that you could have eternal life spent with the God of all creation?

Nothing, or very little.  Perhaps an infinitesimal scrap and speck here and there when you miraculously experienced a rare moment of selflessness.  But even that is so surrounded with prideful, self-righteous smugness . . . that it is worthless to behold.

Listen, you who call yourself a "believer". . . . As far as this world is concerned, you are already dead, and your true life is a hidden one in the living God, through Christ. 

"Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.  For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God."  Col. 3:2-3

Wake up!  Do not allow yourself to be carried along in the sewer of the disobedient, lascivious, God-hating carnival barkers!  The enemy wants to take you away, divert you from holiness and the path of sanctification.  

What is truly done for Christ?  What is genuinely done in thrilling thankfulness for His having saved you from the eternal damnation you justly deserve?  For everything else done . . . will be burnt and tossed away, worthless, wasted, meaningless. . . .

All these empires, achievements, amusements, theatrics, aggrandizing efforts--all the running to and fro and checking status and latest updates on the wickeds' scandals and orgies of self pleasure and adornment . . . amount to NOTHING!  It is all rotten garbage to be cast into the fire.  Nothing but what is of and for and about God will remain, to give Him the glory He--and ONLY HE--is entitled to.

His wrath is coming--it is already here. . . . And still the so-called believers cackle and cavort and hold hands with the vile who hate God and defame and blaspheme the name of Christ hour after hour, heaping stores of judgment upon their own heads. . . . What terror it will be and already is for those who have the eyes to see it.

Do you have the eyes to see it?  Or does it seem only half bad and much of it enticing?

The depravity is so pervasive and so deep and such a part of the air we breathe that if we could actually see what we are living in and for . . . we would fall to pieces in horror--oh the horror of the filth and violence we participate in every day which is all aimed at attacking God and His sovereignty.

Look how the self fights and weedles and manipulates and dissembles constantly to avoid dying and how it still tries to hold on and push through some semblance yet of its own agenda, disguised in lofty motives.

What liars they are who claim to love God but use Him but as a marketing ploy to dupe and draw in other so-called believers where they get together stroking each other--supporting each other's delusion, calling it Godly!  What frauds!  False teachers, false prophets, fake "holy men" seething within with lusts and greed and disobedience, cloaking themselves in garments of purity which hide their stinking decay.

Liars, frauds, fools, slothful . . . lovers of self--not dead to self but striving to remain relevant and be the focus of adoration instead of the Lord being lifted up and the One focused on!

"Narrow is the gate, and confined is the way that leads to life, and there are few who find it."  Mat. 7:14

If "few" find the narrow, strict way . . . it means that many don't.  But most have been put to sleep; they walk and move in a trance of self-centered pleasure and power and fame seeking . . . all the day long, day after day.  None--or few, at least, have any real sense of how serious and ominous the situation is.  Not the worldly, current-affairs situation; that has always been dreadful and ominous regardless of the petty details.  But what is deathly serious and foreboding . . . is the fallen condition of man and of every human life; and how so many waste their lives on empty, shallow, vain pursuits while ignoring the horrendous consequences of a life lived in flagrant disobedience and flaunting of the will of God! 

He will not strive with us forever.  We are in time . . . and there is a limit to the time we have to wake up and die to this perverted, despicable, blasphemous mess--this selfish life we naturally fall into living. 

They--the ghouls and children of the devil--want you to shrink away from the seriousness of it. They scoff and mock and laugh . . . as they did to Noah.  They accuse and deride the one who calls out to the evil hearts to repent.  They hate the one who holds up the lawlessness and self-worshiping and who shouts "turn to God before it's too late!"

What vanity!  What meaningless meandering and wasted hours are spent on devious and foul diversion!  What time and resources and energy is lost--thrown away--on this world and its people which is doomed to judgment, slated for the fires of destruction. 

Only that which is for God, done in Christ Jesus will remain.  The rest is refuse, waste, vile fruits of rebellious self glorifying ghouls who will not--cannot prevail against their Maker. . . .

Turn from greed!  Turn from lust and folly!  Turn to holiness, to God!  Become pure, righteous, holy, serious, devoted . . . to the One who can save your soul!  The end is near!  It is always near--but a moment, a brief flash and a breathe away, inevitable!  Do not wait!  Rededicate yourself to the death of self, to rejecting this wicked world and its deceptions!  Stop serving the Evil One!  Cease hemming and hawing along the way!  Get right with God!  Put away the childish things and walk mature in the faith, sure footed, confident in the hope of eternity!

Amen, amen, amen!


Mark said...

The rock/ stone at Heavener is essentially a giant tombstone!

One early translation from the runes was a statement of "a dead man lies here".....dead to "the world".Good message!

Lee in TN said...

Amen, Amen Bro T!

And I am ashamed of a life I have lived serving self mostly. The 'old man' that keeps rising up, coaxing me into slipping back into habits and patterns. (I'm convinced he must be named Jason because he keeps coming back to life like in the horror movies...)

Appreciate your reminders and calling out these faults of mine.

Dear Lord I pray - "Let me die to self once and for all, Amen!"

Blessings! - Lee

Brother Thomas ©2015

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