Monday, July 20, 2015

Traitors and Demonic Conclaves

Ah . . . for a moment I must admit it is pleasant to see someone stand up to the traitorous, psychopathic bully Sen. John Mcshame.  "Songbird McCain" they call him--the vets and fellow POWs who know what a fraud he is.

And how disgusting the simpering, sniveling feminized fellow GOP'ers . . . tut-tutting Trump for his daring to shoot back at the perpetually condescending, dismissive, arrogant, name-calling joke-of-a-statesman.  I can't count how many times I've heard the treasonous, blustering coward McCain calling conservatives and patriots names such as "crazies" . . . "wacko birds" . . . "hobbits" and so on.

He's a zero, not a hero, and for once it's refreshing to see someone not falling for the red-faced self-righteousness and pomposity lavishing phony reverence for his supposed "heroic service".  It is well known that he made scores of anti-American propaganda videos to save his own hide while at the "Hanoi Hilton".  His injuries--his T-Rex arms--come from his crash and ill-executed ejection.  He was not tortured and he knows he is a fraud and a sell-out . . . which is why he has such a giant chip on his shoulder and is always defensive and attacking legitimate patriot citizens.  Besides not being a "war hero" he is actually one of the lowest of the low--one of the most despicable characters in government--a sell-out liar who has done tons of damage to the state he "represents" and the country he supposedly serves.


Meanwhile, here in "Zion" we are going to host probably what will be one of the biggest demonic conclaves since . . . well, maybe since last LDS "conference". . . .

"Parliament of the World Religions 2015" is being held here in Salt Lake City.  Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, feminists, Zen monks, Yogis "indigenous" Shamans and more will be gathering to discuss . . . THE most important issue(s) of the day. . . . You guessed it, "climate change" and "sustainability".  Oh, and "widening wealth gap and wasteful consumption."

In  other words, it's just more globalist, Agenda-21, Marxist drivel dressed up in saffron robes, healing crystals and turbans while patting itself on the headdress.

Guess who won't be welcome?  Reformed, born again, Protestant Christian evangelists.  The "diversity" and "inclusion" . . . unsurprisingly includes EVERYBODY . . . but anyone proclaiming Jesus Christ as the one, only, true way to world peace, justice, love, prosperity, harmony etc.

....."women, indigenous communities and youth" (unsurprisingly, roughly the same constituency of Obama and the communistic American Democratic party) are to especially coddled and buoyed.  White boys, white men, manly men, Christian men (and Christian women) . . . need not apply.  YOU are NOT included in the new diversity.

Oh, there are phony, liberal, heretical nominal "Christians" such as Brian McClaren who will be happily in attendance to blaspheme and diminish the God of the Bible, rubbing shoulders with devil worshipers, self-lovers and anti-Christs. . . . But something tells me Pastor Jason Wallace won't be chairing any panels. . . .

Can you imagine the dripping, pious egos that will be slathering down the halls of the Salt Palace at this thing, demons in tow, stinking up the joint amidst the patchouli and Chanel no. 666?

Way to go Salt Lake.  Nice job keeping up the tradition of heresy and abomination against the Truth by hosting the budding (rotten) fruit of the coming, anti-Christ, one-world religion. . . . 

No thanks, I'm pleased to NOT be "in".  I'm "out", praise God.


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Mark said...

I'll be out in the spiritual woods sitting by "the rock".

It's sad about the state of the inlistee's.The most are decieved into signing a contract with Satan(the Lucifarian Government).They take pay from satans Guberment thus may be "Satan's hero's".

Signing their lives away!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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