Monday, July 27, 2015

Making Amends

I really am getting the spiritual message that this is indeed a time to make amends, "get right with God" . . . endeavor to become "spiritually prepared" as we are on the brink of some major shifts.  People we know we have wronged in the past . . . debts and apologies that we know we should address . . . addictions, habits, inclinations toward ungodly behavior . . . ought be dealt with as fast and as far as possible.  What we will need going into the coming tribulations is to be close to God, tight with the Spirit, on personal terms with the Master . . . Who will guide and protect us for our best ends. . . .

Those who serve under and look to the world and the worldly will be compounding their judgment and shame when the challenges and trials advance. . . .

More on this, fwiw . . . as these days progress, God bless

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