Friday, July 10, 2015

Loving The Author's Whole Work

I believe that one of the most depressing, angst-inducing, demoralizing viewpoints to maintain--especially during these times . . . is the idea that people each have their own, autonomous free will.  I know it is aggravating, disturbing and sad to watch the traditions, institutions, principles etc. of one's own culture being systematically torn apart and destroyed.  All the more when you know it is a small, vicious minority doing it.  Whenever the Godless collectivists have overthrown a people from within it has always been done by a few, dedicated, conspiring minority.  One of their primary strategic weapons is to rewrite history and eliminate all of the major connecting cultural webs that kept the society robust and prospering.

I submit that if you don't have a proper theological viewpoint on the situation you are highly susceptible to debilitating resentment and demoralization; which, of course, is the goal of the enemy--to cause defeat psychologically prior to physical, pervasive conquest.

When you see such devious, destructive methods and supplanting ideologies being forced onto your unwitting family, friends and countrymen . . . how do you genuinely follow the commands of your Lord to "love your enemy"?  I don't think, for the serious, authentic disciple it is okay to just throw up your hands and say, "sorry, I can't, I won't."

I don't spend my time and energy here writing for part-timers or nominals.  I consider it a waste of time and affront to God to address anything less than the best, the highest, the most dedicated.  If you are not for Him you are against Him.  There's only one of two ways to go.  I have no interest in playing at Christianity. 

Hot or cold.  Passion for the Truth is how it's got to be, otherwise go ahead and line up with worlders in one of their various guises.

So . . . watching this horrific train-wreck unfold . . . and clearly seeing the hypocrisy, subterfuge, decadence and outright wickedness and blasphemies being conducted by the committed destroyers, how is it even remotely possible to maintain Christian quantities like compassion, love, faith . . . ?

I have found that my theological perspective is proving invaluable.  As they say, "theology matters." And, of course, I believe it is the correct--or at least closest to correct perspective which brings with it the actual power to transform, as it ought to if it's true. 

If I think that people have autonomous will . . . and could be good and decent if they only just decided to--that they stand in a neutral, autonomous position looking at the world able to clearly discern right from wrong, productive/life affirming from destructive/desecrating . . . then I have no sympathy.  It is easy to detest those who pervert and destroy all that is good, noble, innocent.

If I think that everyone has the same free will to choose good over evil . . . it is easy to feel better, smarter, more righteous etc., than those who turn from God to follow the deceiver.  If we are all equally free and able, then it must be that I, of and in myself, am more spiritual, more intelligent for deciding to side with the Creator.  I can feel justified deploring and resenting the dark-minded fools who hate God and seek the worst for humanity. . . .

Pride, self-righteousness, superiority,  smugness are bound to follow that theological perspective.

But if I realize, as scripture shows, that I have nothing--NOTHING!--whatsoever to do with my having seen the Light . . . and that it is ONLY because God so ordained it . . . then I have no place wherein to boast.  Only gratitude, thankfulness, humility can follow where I know that I have done nothing to deserve God's grace and mercy, that He made me to See and Hear.  Furthermore, with the knowledge in mind that God is sovereign over ALL . . . including that, for His own perfect and holy purposes, He has "made the wicked for the day of destruction" . . . some "vessels for common use" . . . I am more in a frame to have compassion and pity on those fulfilling the role of villains. 

Then when I look at the "bad actors" who are determined to fight God and God's people I see them more as pawns, specially designed pieces to function as, for instance, a means of God's judgment and wrath meted out in the present age; and as an object lesson revealing what the Godless world looks like.  There but for the grace of God would the saints be as well.

Though they are genuinely evil and children of the devil, all of it is subject to and designed to be as it is according to the will of God.  To be hating or resenting these characters within the grand display would be like seriously hating and resenting the antagonists in some author's novel.  It is really an affront and disrespect to the author to disparage, hate, question, 2nd guess the dark characters he has created for the overall ultimate purpose of his work.  Within the context of entering into the Author's work, yes, I am against the villains, but it does not enter into the depths of my heart.  It is a superficial loathing--real to a point, but doesn't cause me ie., debilitating angst, depression, hatred, demoralization . . . in my actual life.

We war not with flesh and blood. 

Now, the argument usually shot from the other side is:  "But then how can they (the evil doers) be held responsible for what they do if they are just "pawns" as you say?"

Beneath this also is the problem that people don't like to be thought of as pawns themselves.  But here I just see the rebel still fighting.  Here is man-centeredness, elevating the self, the human above the Sovereign yet again.  Who is it that argues that God ought not have pawns?  More 2nd guessing perhaps?  So what if we only have "free will" according to the limits of our created nature and destiny as intended by the Author?  Yes, it appears as though we do have some degree of autonomy ("free will") . . . but it is not unfettered, absolute.  It operates within the prescribed areas of God's design and purposes. . . .

It is a seeming nonetheless, I agree (how we are yet responsible for our sin) . . . and I will address this next, so far as I've been able to discern it. . . .

God bless and strengthen you in the Truth.......



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Mark said...

As I watch the worlder's cheer and chant to the bringing down of the rebel flag I think of what I've learned of the runic languages(some of the earliest written languages) that the X is in the elder furthark and actually represents "unity".So we have forces hell bent on bringing "division" to a people that the creator is "unifying" at the creator's will and pace.The forces of the darker light are aware of this "unity" and work apposed to this.Just trying to share some truthful history of the X.

The stars and bars are of God.

1)it is an X
2)each bar has "7" stars......7 is the God # .

It's a battle of will's and I understand God's will be done!

As far as the worlders,Jesus did say as he was laid on the cross..."Abba Father,forgive them father for they(the worlders)don't know what they do" .Quite litterally!.....This should move one into the neutral zone.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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