Saturday, July 18, 2015

Clarification and Word of Warning

I want to back up a bit.... I don't want to put too much in that last prognostication.  Saying I "believe" the end comes in the 2060s is too much.  It is more that I suspect it.  No man knows the hour or the day. . . . It could be anytime.  I would hope it were sooner rather than later, although truly I only want what will be according to God's own purpose. 

Meanwhile, something comes as a warning which may apply to someone who hears it--it may be helpful to recall.  That is this:  Beware gifts or seeming niceties given from one who you know is not a servant of God but is yet a child of the devil.  Their fruits are always tainted.  It may appear a good thing, a fortuitous thing in the moment, but there will be strings attached . . . which may be long strings where the attendant evil is far out of sight but arrives eventually nonetheless.  We often are overly willing to overlook what we know about someone if in the present they are smiling, bearing gifts or some opportunity.  It is like any other deal with the devil.  The price is always high--much higher than the temporary lack or suffering which occurs if you were to reject the offering in the first place.

I am ever in awe of the real hatred and ill-will that lies in the hearts of the unregenerate against the saints, secreted away, who may be supposed friends, family, benefactors. . . .  The children of wrath . . . who serve their father the devil . . . will never bear good fruit.  Beware the temptation to look the other way for some immediate gain or boost.  As always in such cases, it is a lie.  Behind it is the intention for your destruction, misery, persecution. . .  Be strong in faith, bearing the fruit of self control . . . to go without, throwing yourself on the good graces of the Lord Who knows what is truly best for your soul in the long run.  Sometimes--I dare say often . . . in this world--that means deprivation and temporal suffering and foregoing . . . for a time--sacrifice . . . bearing iniquities of the fallen age . . . for His name's sake.

Usually, accompanying these seeming boons or "opportunities" . . . there is an illusion that all is well, or that the subtle evil involved can be managed and sussed out so that the poison of it is minimal or put away.  But deception is the main part of it, and if you could but see at that moment the reality of the thing before you, you would see a plate of scorpions, adders . . . meant to be loosed in your space, against and within you and your loved ones. . . .

Just a word of warning . . . if it may apply. . . .

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Anonymous said...

Most of the ways people are seduced into taking the bait that leads one into the gift traps has to do with some dream they have for themselves. It may be a job or a home or fame in some arena but the gift will often be a help in making the dream possible. That is why it is so difficult to resist. It won't be worth it if you take the short cut. Furthermore it may be that the dream is not in the Creators design for you as harsh as it sounds. Then it becomes a question of your ability to face reality in an honest way.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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