Sunday, June 14, 2015

Screaming & Breaking Things

....And of course, this story of the AWOL soldier blowing the Jade Helm whistle . . . could just be a part of the actual exercise.  Role playing and scenarios that interact with the public seems to be one of the express purposes of the drill.  This may be just the first of many. . . . Tracking information flows and reactions . . . appears to be a major purpose of the whole thing, along with pre-positioning of assets for later "going live" usage. . . .


Also . . . when the various false alarms . . . combined with real and staged events . . . rage all around, like they are these days . . . I know it can almost be overwhelming to some who are following it all.  Things look like they've never been so bad.  And, no doubt, they are ranking up there with some of the most wicked and disgusting times that have been.  But I like to keep it all in perspective. . . .

A great benefit from having read so much history . . . is in knowing that wicked, depraved cultures have been around since the Fall.  I don't doubt it has been worse than it is right now; along with all the tyranny and perversity . . . we also have access to a great deal of helpful and edifying resources that previous generations could only dream about.  The website "Sermon Audio" alone, for instance, is an incredible blessing and resource.  As I always keep emphasizing, WHERE and on what and Whom we keep our focus is key to whether we devolve into an anxious, worthless lump OR continue growing and being sanctified, through the purifying fires of the wider judgment going 'round. . . .

There have been cultures where it was accepted and even required, for instance to give up your young boys to be "trained" by homosexual men in both war and sex . . . and if your child didn't make the grade, he was dashed upon the rocks.  That was the "normal", accepted rule of that society.  Many other societies practiced regular child sacrifice, orgies, took drugs . . . and were basically wholly depraved and violent, without conscience, practically living, walking demons, steeped in Satanic religion and customs, generation after generation. 

Whole peoples were born under severe, iron-clad tyranny from cradle to grave; children raised by the state, the populace basically all enslaved . . . to satisfy the whims of insane, psychopathic, inbred rulers.  No hope for social advancement, no property rights, no individual choices to speak of, enforced pagan/Satanic rituals. . . . What we are experiencing is nothing new at all.  There has even been advanced, oppressive technology before, as archaeological evidence shows around the world; flying machines, mass communications, mechanized construction, even space flight; and ubiquitous propaganda and mind control have long been in usage by the foul "elite". . . .

So, again, it's not like this is some new thing--this decadent, psychopathic totalitarianism.  What HAS been rather unusual and unique for a time . . . were the relatively free cultures born in the West--England . . . America . . . who based their politics and social controls primarily in Biblical teaching, and thus we saw produced some of the freest, most prosperous and moral societies likely that the world has ever seen . . . for a time besides Israel when she followed the Lord and a couple other exceptions here and there . . . until the inherent UTTER depravity of man reasserts itself and takes us back to the wretched status quo.

Another thing to remember, which helps alleviate any undue panic . . . is that . . . life goes on, even in totalitarian states.  Yeah, it generally sucks (materially speaking) . . . but even during times of great chaos, war, famine . . . there are whole areas that remain relatively unaffected.  Even amidst the depredations, some people are hardly scratched and barely notice any real change in their personal lives.  Even now, if you were to unplug from all the media and lived out on a ranch somewhere or even in the suburbs . . . you can live your life without being that much affected by all the madness going on.  Much of what is happening right now is psychological warfare delivered via the "mainstream" media and alternative medias that people seek out. 

I know this is the case (that you can be blissfully clueless and unaware of what's going on) because I, for instance, run into Mormons all the time who have no idea how dire things are, as they just live in their religious bubble and shrug off what isn't directly related to their church and their "worthiness" efforts in that church.  Even some of the quite wealthy businessmen I work for on occasion in that church, while highly successful in money terms, are nearly completely ignorant of all the things going on right now establishing the NWO and related losses/infringements of constitutional freedoms and rights. 

My point being . . . that, if you want to be dis-engaged . . . and thus, happily ignorant of what's really going on . . . or even just take a break . . . it is still quite easy to do that. 

Anyway, it really is so true that "there is nothing new under the sun".  This is all the same old cr*p--same self-loving, autonomous rebelling garbage that started in the Garden and will run its course til The End.  Likewise, the way of the righteous is the same--"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength."

Since we do NOT love the Lord God with all our heart, soul, mind, strength . . . we have got plenty to do pursuing that supreme purpose regardless of the puerile, base shenanigans of the devil's children as they run around screaming and breaking things, sealed to their doom. . . .

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