Sunday, June 14, 2015

Palantir/"The Metropolis"

Okay . . . well this kinda gives me the willies. . . .

I was just checking out some random JadeHelm reporting from the alt media . . . watching a recent video by Pete Santilli Show . . . and he was talking about how a couple of Silicon Valley guys Peter Theil (PayPal cofounder) and Alex Karp (billionaire CEO of Palantir Tech.) Bilderbergers . . . who run this tech surveillance company "Palantir" . . . and how they have taken control of the veterans database (ie., Santilli says to locate veterans to take guns . . . as the Palantir map of veterans lays almost perfectly over the top of the Jade Helm map) . . .

Veteran Database

Jade Helm

..... and how Palantir is involved with predictive programming, AI?, and total information analysis etc., . . . . and then Santilli went on to talk about all this info being put into their "Metropolis" platform which helps with "large scale quantitative investigation"......(basically it equals Big Brother.)

And that's where I sat up with a chill:  "Metropolis"?  Bilderbergers.... in Austria (German domain) . . . with globalist one world, New World Order wanna be rulers? . . .

And I thought, wow. . . . what is it about my little ol' songs I've cranked out over the years.... They DO seem to have a kind of embedded code or strange, uncanny predictability factor in a lot of them that is oddly accurate at times.....

I wrote my song "The Metropolis" when I was about 18 in 1980 after I had just read "The Prince" by Machiavelli.  I was reading the Bible also at the time.  The song is about the Anti-Christ and him coming to power.  "My fleet drove down to Hamburg....."  There's the German reference (hey, Austria is close) . . . but then . . . I go on to sing, "And I watch them all ON MY WORLD-WIDE VIDEO CIRCUIT"! ..... Palantir/Metropolis anyone?

"It's a cross between Camelot and Kalamazoo" . . . That is basically calling it an Anglo-American conspiracy/combine... Euro with America running the deal, the NWO.....

Anyway.... Am I just seeing patterns?  This Palantir story is hot of the presses.  I suspect we will hear more about them and their possible involvement with the coming surveillance, technocracy.....

 Below is a link to the Santilli show I was watching discussing all this.... Metropolis comes up around 19:08.....


Mark said...

Lay this over your maps.

"Texas pride"
"Native pride"
"Brown pride"
"Black pride"
"White pride"

All the "stiffnecked"....all to be humbled.

Exo33:1-6And the Lord said unto Moses, Depart, and go up hence, thou and the people which thou hast brought up out of the land of Egypt, unto the land which I sware unto Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, saying, Unto thy seed will I give it:

2 And I will send an angel before thee; and I will drive out the Canaanite, the Amorite, and the Hittite, and the Perizzite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite:

3 Unto a land flowing with milk and honey: for I will not go up in the midst of thee; for thou art a stiffnecked people: lest I consume thee in "the way"(lambs).

4 And when the people heard these evil tidings, they mourned: and no man did put on him his ornaments.

5 For the Lord had said unto Moses, Say unto the children of Israel, Ye are a stiffnecked people: I will come up into the midst of thee in a moment, and consume thee: therefore now put off thy ornaments from thee, that I may know what to do unto thee.

6 And the children of Israel stripped themselves of their ornaments by the mount Horeb.

It has been said that God will use an evil to do good.

God is useing Jade helm(viewed as an evil communist sickle & hammer thing) to break the "pride" of the "stiffnecked".

I'm not so much interested in the will's of men but watching God's will be done!

Sandy Robinson said...

Well that is very interesting!

Linda L. said...

Computers of the future to be run by brainwaves with an implant:

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