Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jade Helm, Neural Nets and the Singularity

“Our Machine Learning platform is able to read and understand human communication in context. It aggregates knowledge about the world, and keeps getting smarter.”  (from Digital Reasoning website)

"Ubiquitous networks/sensors . . . artificial intelligence . . . synthetic biology"  (just a few of the descriptions of the new quantum computers given in a talk by Singularity University co-founder Peter Diamondis)

Wow... I think I see what's going on here... Jade Helm started officially June 15th.  The Charleston shooting was June 17th.  Look at what has happened since.  We are in Jade Helm.  "JADE" is an AI (artificial intelligence) quantum computing operation.  I think it has been operating for a while, actually, but it's going gangbusters now.  All these events that seem to pop up and take over our consciousness via the linked up media (what I called the "tripartite layer" or "electronic fence" and what some lately call the "neural net") are being designed and directed by "HAL" so-to-speak--by an AI quantum supercomputer.  It has already assessed the social/political/cultural results of its directed events and is in the process of "MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN"!  All the cameras, smart phones, rfid chips, facebooks, twitters, emails, texts, phone calls, consumer purchases, comments, emotional status updates etc, etc., are being quantumly computed in real time and responses directed through the media and given to gatekeepers and operatives on the ground to enact and reflect . . . and we are seeing the one world global regime beginning its real time AI directed/control in effect.  Once cash is done away with and everyone is plugged wholly into the system, the control will be near complete.  Right now they . . . employing IT . . . are quickly shaping the sociological, psychological, emotional, intellectual terrain through these coordinated events and fallout . . . as they/IT snaps together the once disparate (but streamlining parts, of what is to be the one world village, so-to-speak.  Of course, Christianity is a big hindrance to the whole plan . . . which is why and how the AI computer has targeted the most divisive issues to emphasize and excite (ie., gay marriage) which are being used as wedge issues to isolate those "true believers" who just will not go along with the AI directed New World/One World government plan.  Same with patriots.  So, IT .... via Jade Helm operations . . . ie., is also targeting (having analyzed THE most strategic points of resistance to crush/"extract") certain symbols with emotional and historical connections (to the "old" way) . . . and this will continue, one after the other, as such are pinpointed, analyzed, threats assessed, resistance crushed/extracted as the system MASTERS THE HUMAN DOMAIN.  The people behind this diabolical techno-monstrosity . . . actually believe they are creating a new and very real God with their data processing and quantum AI capabilities . . . which they fully intend to integrate with, become "one" with . . . as they/IT achieve "singularity" . . . and at last realize their dream begun in the garden to "be as the gods, knowing good and evil."  When the serpent said "knowing good and evil" what he was getting at, I believe, was "YOU will decide what is good and evil."

Then imagine that nanobots (as I suggested back in 2005) are being sprayed via chemtrails everywhere, IN everywhere and everyone . . . making each person and object a potentially programmable transmitter/receiver) . . . and . . . well, yikes.   

Anyway, here is an interesting photo on Digial Reasonings website (who are involved in this whole transhumanist wet dream).... I notice in this fellows diagram . . . it says "world leader" with connections to the White House and the Queen (Camelot & Kalamazoo?) . . . and some other curious features like  . . . "world city" . . . "business leader" . . . "Global Governance", "Local Governance", "extraction"?, "naitonal language processing" . . . .

I guess this is a diagram to show all the different network/sensor/data points of info all uploading? into the grid . . . for "HAL" (er, the AI system) to be assessing, directing, manipulating . . . as IT calculated itself and us into the singularity?  Into "godhood"?  Maybe this is how it happened on a planet near Kolob!

Oy, sorry for the levity.  This is all actually a horrific, madman's nightmare . . . what "they" are doing and what we are in the midst of....

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Anonymous said...

I'm telling you: like most occultic/new world/culture-shaping regimes, the people behind this are giving the general populace a blueprint for exactly how this all operates out in the open, on a show called "Person of Interest." Hitler, as one example, made it very clear to the general populace and to the world exactly what he was going to do.

Isn't it interesting, though, how people believe that this AI construct will give us "a better life"? It's finally turning the god of "chance," the god inherent in Darwinist Naturalism, into a real living entity. I'll take my chances elsewhere...


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