Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dark Side Rulers' Operations

Undoubtedly I'm a bit in the realm of the murky here and outside the plain warnings from the Bible, I am speaking from my own experience, speculation and analysis. . . .

I believe that one born again, with the Spirit, the armor of God and the sword of scripture . . . is able to go anywhere without being in danger.  I am not suggesting we need to be reclusive or tucked away from occult or evil influences.  If that were the case, we couldn't step outside the door or be involved with anything in this world. We are already behind enemy lines, in a foreign country, surrounded . . . and we are to be salt and light in the midst of the antagonist's camp.

But part of dealing with the situation includes being alert, savvy, wise as the serpents and avoiding attracting unnecessary dark interference and trouble. And I think it's also a personal thing.   For instance someone who was an alcoholic or drug addict feels extra danger if they are hanging around party people.  The spirit that once had them in its grip is overly present there and knows the person's "doorways" . . . weaknesses.  Someone who had a porn addiction should avoid images or situations that draw them back into that.  I believe a specific spirit and spirit(s) rule(s) a specific area of sin--it is a principality.  "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;" --1 Tim 4:1

And there are ones that also operate in the areas of "mysticism" . . . the occult . . . "new age" spiritualism.  In every case they are a seducing spirit--they draw you in to a habitual, ongoing relationship with that area of sin . . . with the spirit(s) that rule(s) there.

There is a spirit of racism (presently running amok) . . . a spirit of nationalism . . . of globalism . . . of earth worship etc.  This is why when people are taken by a certain spirit, it becomes like a religion to them; because it IS involved with the spiritual realm.  It IS a "spiritual" experience.  Hence it is that people can be led in certain causes . . . by a "prophet" (charismatic leader) . . . with such fervor and zeal and fundamentalism (social causes, political causes, metaphysical causes, etc.). 
And what is actually happening is that the person or people are simply attached to and being led by . . . a presiding officer or general (demonic) spirit in the spirit realm ("principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world" -Eph.6:12)  They have unwittingly handed themselves over to being led about by a dark side ruler.

There are spirits of indulgence (food, luxury, fine apparel, "fitness") . . . a spirit of "workaholism",
playing . . . there is a spirit of religion, of moralism, of sports, of investigation, of learning and knowledge (I wrestle with this one). . . . Any object or area of interest has attendant to it a spirit and/or group of spirits (dark side entities) who ready and waiting to seduce the seeker into making that object or area an idol--something that stands between a person and the living God.

Think of all the things every day we delve into with fervor and zeal before and above having God be our primary focus of the day. . . .

The occult, metaphysics . . . is just one area among many; but it is especially dangerous because it carries with it the deceit of being "spiritual" . . . of having a "higher" area of purpose.  As in, someone obsessed and pursuing the spirit of sports or sex . . . is less likely to fool themselves that they are seeking a "spiritual", transcendent goal.  The one involved with "spirituality" thinks they are already pursuing God and usually have ceased seeking any higher truth.  Obvious sinning ("missing the mark") through drunkenness, drugs, sex perversion . . . is less insidious than the sins involving "spiritual" pride and chasing other "gods".

And believe it or not, I am having intensified "spiritual" opposition in even writing this exposé . . . as I perceive that revealing these operations . . . the dark side rulers do not like.  Just as the great weapon and success of the devil has been to convince people that he does not really exist, so also . . . do the seducing spirits of the spirit realm not want you to recognize that you are dealing with them when you are dealing with interests, obsessions, objects in your life that tend to supersede and push out the primary and foremost worship of God Yahweh above all.  They want you to believe you are just dealing with inert, abstract "interests" . . . concepts . . . temporal matters.  They hate the light, and this shines the light on their sneaking operations and that you are dealing with discreet entities. . . .

More on this in a bit, including how a Zen garden MIGHT be dangerous to indulge in.  [Again, I'm not going to say absolutely it is--everyone has their own particular weak areas to watch, to which they are susceptible to the spirits ruling there.]


Mark said...

Ones ornaments.

Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Oh boy....I think you have struck a nerve! And I can see how these forces have worked on me in certain areas, interests and habits - including a feeling I need to work more or be more dedicated to my job. I have to make sure that I am still taking the time to read and listen to that inspired of His Holy Spirit and Word at work.

Thanks for this! Many blessings...and protection to you. - Lee

Mark said...

Exodus33:22 And I will send an angel before thee; and I will drive out the Canaanite, the Amorite, and the Hittite, and the Perizzite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite:

All various spirits!

The religion of the Democrat.

The religion of the republican.

Native pride

Brown pride

White pride

Black pride

Texas pride

Nation pride

This list can go on and on.None come from a place of humility.

Ite's,ist's,and ism's I call them.All to be driven out!

Linda L. said...

I do feel a "tug" spiritually when I pass by the Buddha statue in the garden. It is in a secluded, shady area of the garden. Probably the "seducing" spirit around it. I quickly pass by it and don't go by that part very often. I guess I should pray when I feel that. I usually go there to enjoy God's creation and pray to Him and listen for words from him, Yahweh. Yes, I was thinking about all the possible gateways you mentioned, and was thinking that it would be hard to leave one's abode and not run into these somewhere, like Buddha statues in a Thai restaurant just down the road from me.

Lee in TN said...

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