Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bullseye Texas?

Well, it seems like every day now . . . everybody's sitting on the edge of their seats (including me sometimes, heh) . . . just watching for this some next big event that seems poised to drop....

Regarding this "Jade Helm whistleblower" reported by "Dale Lewis" in Texas about a possible EMP false flag on Monday              

 . . . I was perusing glp and came across a random post on the topic by someone which reminded me of my own "vision" of some big event happening in Texas which I have long mentioned and some will remember. . . .

It just struck me with all that's going on . . . and how now Texas seems to be figuring more and more prominantly . . . (just as Syria has) among things I once said to watch for . . . I would mention it, fwiw.....

Here is the comment from the glp poster today in reference to the EMP story:

 "It's real. I had a dream about it a few years ago. Dirty bomb over Austin. People were coming up I-35, and I thought it was weird they were all walking and carrying their things instead of driving. Cars abandoned all over the road. Someone was on the side of the road selling peanut butter sandwiches for $15 a piece."

And here's a couple of my various mentions from my "St. George" set of "visions" about future events--the one about the people somewhere in Texas filing out of the city along apocalyptic highways.....:

posted 6-22--2007 --"I’ve seen some “prophetic” type reiterations of something possibly centering in Houston popping up again . . . . I’ll just mention here that I’ve long thought that Houston was the likely city (or outskirts thereof) I saw in my three-hour vision, where highways for miles were shut down, except for some police and military personnel/vehicles . . . then I saw a long, long line of evacuees being cordoned down the closed highways . . . as if some horrific catastrophic event had occurred in the city and people were leaving . . ." 

posted 3-4-08:  "I had my own intuitive and visionary style information about Houston...Just to refresh my prior thoughts and feelings on this I’ve reposted below a post I made in June, ‘07 about that area of Texas . . ."

Anyway . . . a lot of folks can see why Texas might be in the crosshairs for a number of related reasons.... If not now . . . little doubt later. . . . . .

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Mark said...

I commented a short while back that the "Texas pride" would have to go.If this is What It takes then Gods will be done.

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