Sunday, May 24, 2015

Parallels To Assyrian Curshing Israel (700s BC)

Hmmm.... There's been some unusual --I dare say spirit-led confirmation on some things these past few days . . . beginning with my foray into Amos . . . then Hosea and Micah . . . and now Isaiah.  I'm becoming increasingly impressed that we may be right now paralleling that situation re the judgment on Israel at that time.  The social, political scenario . . . then the earthquake mentioned (see Uzziah) --from related histories it seems to have been significant one. . . . I'm wondering if that too might be in the mix here soon.  Anyway, I am looking further into all of this as it really seems to be a movement in the spiritual realm--watchmen are being alerted . . . being conveyed to others as well simultaneously. . . .
No doubt . . . I've just had a series of clear signs pointing to the relevance of this sudden, out-of-the-blue study that came to me to do (ie., on the prophets, beginning with Amos.)  Heads up . . . as always . . . but maybe a bit more than the usual. . . . "developing" as Drudge would say. . . . . .
God bless


Mark said...

Thank God your seeing it!.......The trick,deception,lie is that the the exodus ended way back then.... way over there.Yes God's "reality" is ongoing within the false"reality"

The mormon/masonic higher ups have known for years the U.S. is actually the "inherited land" as indicated on the rock(proporty marker).

And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

It's a new map(scroll)!

What we have been taught historically....biblically is not God's true reality....It is Satan's lie,fake,false reality.It's at this point one begins to "see" the depth of the mind control/lie.

How to break though the mind controled christian/jew "israel" "the people" that the "promise land" is the U.S. and not a state.

What's strange is BB Netanyahu is a mason and knows about the U.S. .It's why the Masonic congress just loves BB The head liar and chief.

They have taken control of a land that is not rightly theres......It belongs to "the people" israel.

God promised Israel a land!

It's not easy moving every island and mountain from its place....Lol,ha,ha,ha....

Mark said...

The commie cycle and hammer are "tools" to bring in the masonic "new world order".The question we need to ask is why here in the U.S. ?

Because satan knows the U.S. is the "inherited land" so satan keeps that knowledge from its people.

"The secret" aides and abets "the lie".

Brother Thomas ©2015

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