Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chin Up, Bearing the Shield Of Love

Oy vey . . . the more I see things shaping up, and with a bit of research . . . well, yeah, it looks like we are for it as predicted.  I recall writing and maybe saying to Zeph when I use to do interviews that things will get as bad as the worst we have imagined and suspected.

I remember--when I first woke up and discovered what was going on politically, related to the new world order plans . . . I was doing a ton of study and research on the whole issue and came across some "intelligence" so-to-speak that foresaw the use of environmentalism as the major means for establishing and effecting totalitarian "global governance".  That was in 1988-89.  That was how I was able to do parodies a couple of years later as "T-Ray: Regional Director for the NWO" which have proven so accurate since (that was '90-92) . . . where I drew up "Enviro Patrol Units" and "The Enviroroom" command and control center. . . . I also predicted such things as the Boy Scouts being targeted as homophobic and then co-opted.  Anyway, it's all there in my satirical bits which are with my music on Soundclick.  When I get some time I have more of those shows and appearances to upload which foreshadowed other things that now are well underway and for all (well, for the awake) to see. . . . I also  predicted how local police (see "officer Benowitz" in "The Fear Room" ie., and in other skits) would be co-opted by the takeover conspiracy, and how they would be gleefully going along to target the citizens. . . . I pretty much mapped out the whole thing in those appearances and shows, which I still have copies of the full versions of. . . .

Also, the song I wrote at that same time of initial dawning awareness (1988-89) "Violence In The Suburbs" continues to prove to be--well, at least to me--shockingly predictive (unfortunately).  I sang in a verse of that song (which foreshadowed the whole illegal immigration/invasion/5th column situation we have now) . . . "Sendero Luminoso . . . they'll be blowin' down your front door . . . violence in the suburbs when the Marxists roll into town".

Turns out . . . Sendero Luminoso ("The Shining Path"-Maoist Peruvian guerillas) is in full cahoots with THE biggest international drug cartel which operates out of Peru and is basically THE supplier and partner--with dark side U.S. forces--of the southern border-crossing drug operation which is turning the Southwest (and eventually the whole U.S.) into a "narco-state" like Peru, Mexico etc.

The MS-13 gangs, which have been pouring over the border and are being located all around the country, along with other operatives  . . . will be the 5th column--the initial shock troops, I believe, with Sendero Luminoso controlling behind the scenes and coordinating . . . and so, again the strangely accurate lyrics to that song . . . continue to inform as to specifics.  (I also talked about "heads all rolling around" in that song, which refers apparently to one of the signature methods of the drug gangs' violent tactics, which is to behead and produce the heads as calling cards and warnings....

Grim stuff, I know . . . sorry . . . and I don't dwell on these things, but in the spirit of "be wise as the serpents--" I feel it is good to maintain a heads up on what's happening and about to happen, if for no other reason . . . to alleviate the shock and awe that will attend when the whole thing starts to blow.  Panic and terror (fear) is the enemy to faith.  And keeping the faith, and living by faith . . . is the key to getting through and meeting these evils as we must maintain our Godly focus and disciplic purposes throughout!

The civil war aspects (which "they" are eager to produce) will be when "oathkeeper" types and others in our military (along with militias and regular citizens) refuse to buckle and start putting up a fight, although I think foreign troops (ie., all the Russians who are here, Spetsnatz) along with the border-crossed gangs/5th column . . . will be just as prominent as the "just following orders" crowd within our own forces.

The "climate-change" regime will also be factoring huge.  "Climate-deniers" will be the new heretics and an Inquisition will be set up to charge and prosecute those who resist the soon coming oppressive and property stealing edicts that ensue.  They have already set it up so that any "natural" disaster and even "man-caused" disasters (including terrorism) will be blamed on "climate change" (quite the hutzpah these guys have, heh).  High food prices, shortages, property restrictions, travel bans... everything will be blamed on "climate change". . . .

I also have written about how I saw that it would likely be from Chicago that the civil unrest would ensue.  This could also come about as a result of some big event happening in Chicago, ie., a major "t" attack there.

I hope I'm wrong--that I've been wrong about all of this--but so far, as I said, I'm afraid it looks to be panning out just about exactly as I have long said it would.  When I did a bit (back in 1991) about "The Cultural Icon Debasement Initiative" I foresaw that all of America's traditions and icons and beloved historical figures and pastimes would be targeted for smear and undermining . . . and this too is well underway (the attack on marriage, on football, on Boy Scouts, on the founders, on "cowboys" and a hundred other things.)

Problem is, as depicted in the books of Amos, Micah, Hosea, Isaiah . . . America deserves her judgment.  The government-sanctioned child sacrifices amounting to some 57 million in the U.S. alone is cause enough for judgment.  The profaning of marriage with a number of other official evils has only helped to fill the cup of wrath. . . .

I mention such things only to help motivate us . . . to the important work that is to be done--which is, above alone, to love and serve God with all our hearts, minds and strength . . . and also our fellow neighbors as ourselves.  Perfect love drives out fear.  This is our great weapon and shield--love.... in the midst of and up against all these petty horrors the dying dead are throwing at us as they sputter and rage in a last, vain gasp and shaking fist against the God Who gave them life.  God is using them as the chastening rod to challenge and purify His children in these last days. . . .

Chin up, cheerful smiles and joy :) ! . . . God rules and NOTHING and NO ONE can separate us from His love and rewards for fighting the good fight of faith!

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Mark said...

The marxist/facist are doing nothing but accomplishing what God intends.God wants his(human) creatures to seek it's devine creator.So as these eco-marrxist,facist,capitalist continue to destroy Gods creation and place the blame on the Devine remember that fear, accusation,blame,feelings of guilt are tell tail signs of the God of the darker light and are not of a loveing God.

They high jacked the planet long ago and are about to kicked off their "magic bus".

They only "think" their accomplishing their goals.Those(worlders) are only ushering in their own demise.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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