Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Victimology 101

I guess taking offense is now the official national pastime, hobby, sport. . . .

A tweet here, a post there, an offhand comment in an interview . . . and you're off to the races. . . .

It is a wonder to behold how infantile, fragile, needy, precious . . . so many have become.  Touchy, defensive . . . always rooting around for some sleight to take to the bank . . . and grow with interest.

A giant need for people to grow up and stop being such babies. . . .

A lot of it has to do with folks not being able to handle the truth.  The truth hurts when you've woven a head full of fantasies and lies by which you govern about. . . . This over protecting of fragile egos . . . however, makes it so that no one does ever end up growing or maturing into an actual adult individual.  The cradle to grave crutches provided by "Big Sis/Big Brother" helps support the whole rotten edifice . . . which is only bound to crumble--and hard--at some point or another.  The truth always blazes through in the end.  A house built on sand, on the devil--the father of lies--gonna fall.

The proliferation of single mom households is also a major component.  Combined with immature "men" who--if they still are in the household--are run around like little thumb-sucking boys by feminist, culture-empowered female monstrosities.

Yeah . . . I think I'll throw my hat into the ring of truth and perhaps offend a little.  I blame men for ceding the ground that was divinely expected of them; becoming lazy, backseat riding momma's boys who are all too willing to let run wild the Fall-driven womanly need for control and power usurping--for if the man is truly serving God, submitted to the Lord above all and everyone else, then the situation would not have spun so far out of order.

But there IS a divine order and way of things.  And all who brook it through self-empowering megalomania . . . and then codify it into social taboos, norms, laws etc., bring us the confused, depressed, insane, relativistic mess of a world we have running roughshod today.

Federal Headship . . . is a much bigger deal and issue than most realize.  That is why it has been so undermined and suppressed as an important, critical truth doctrine to know and relate to.  Male headship follows from the same principles and all of this has been upended by the enemy of both man AND woman.  "The sacred feminine" is a principle . . . which is a lie straight from the seducer of Eve himself.  It started there and now is rising to full ascendancy. 

"Youths oppress my people, women rule over them. My people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path."  --Isa. 3:12
"I will make mere youths their officials; children will rule over them."  --Isa. 3:4

And we ain't seen nothing yet. . . .

I plan to go more into this . . . in coming posts . . . fwiw . . . related to a current study and realization of my own on the critically important (and barely understood or recognized) doctrine of Federal Headship.

Victimology . . . I'm calling it.  And ironically, it appears to stem again from that childish fallen tendency to resent God's sovereignty and thinking Him "unfair."  Second guessing God, once again.

Atheists, pagans and believers in name only . . . tend to resent the idea that through one man all fell.  Just as they can't really believe that through one man . . . all chosen . . . will be saved.  Federal Headship shows in both cases . . . and is resented and misunderstood, rejected. . . .

By rejecting the principle of ordered "headship", however . . . nearly all have stayed a little children.  They rebel and will recognize no lead, no leader, no "headship" because THEY want to be the head.  But all that happens is an endless toddlerhood.  No growth.  No responsibility is found in this radical individualism.  It is just the little baby, the childish imp pretending and demanding to be god. . . .

More offensive truths to follow . . .  . .
God bless:)



Anonymous said...

Once again, sin infantilizes. I am dealing with this very problem in my wife's family. One particular member who demands to do whatever this person darn well pleases and the minute someone calls this person on it, this person takes major offense.

Romans 2 a good antidote to make sure that we who understand how sinful the culture is do not overlook our own faults and fail to confess our own sin. You have written much about that and it has helped me greatly whenever I get self-important and self-righteous in regard to the family sitch or the cultural milieu. Thanks once again!

Much love,


Mark said...

Real men will have to have to take off their ornaments and grow a pair!

A few years back I could see God in the sandbox pulling binki's!

The worlder's have managed socially to completely turn upside down the natural order of things.

Time to grow up!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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