Friday, April 24, 2015

Hey Dude

Well . . . the cycle of life continues . . . in many quarters . . . and we've thought for a while that not only could Banjo (our granddog) enjoy a little buddy when he visits . . . but in a slightly "service dog" sort of way . . . so would Isaac and Sky be helped in subtle ways . . . and Lindsay's been craving a dog now that she's become somewhat of a dog fanatic (quite against type, heh) . . . and I've been wanting one too.  We've had our feelers out for a year or so . . . and I really believe that if you are sensitive to it . . . God sets up a special pet for you, should you ask Him. 

Especially in this time where it seems that so many have practically lost their minds and/or are walking around in a NWO trance (God help them) . . . God's more innocent creatures are a needed and helpful refuge and respite. . . .

So . . . he arrived and the opportunity came up . . . and I introduce to you "Dude":


So now we have currently the cutest grandson in the world AND the cutest puppy!

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Mark said...

One Sunday I spent the whole day feeling droopy.My little buddy romeo spent the day watching me closely,at times laying on my chest looking at me as if something was wrong.Jill and I could not figure it out.

That evening just before bed I had a stroke.

Hey dude

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