Friday, April 17, 2015

Cycle Of Life

There's a lot of suspicious police state stuff going on eh?  The standoff at the mine (Galice) in Oregon has a Ruby Ridge/Wako feel to me though.  At one of these points, the Feds are just going to make a big point of cracking down on the uppity's . . . and then I think the whole thing will blow.  Which, of course, is what they want--a sufficient pretext. 

And a lot more activity as well. . . . The Wallmarts ("Mart. Laws"), Jade Helm etc. . . .  .

Anyhow, the cycle of life goes on, as it always has during such times.  Alexander and his wife had a baby (I think it was Tuesday--I'm out of town at the moment) . . . . A strappin' 8+ lbs. baby boy.  Me and wifey are officially grandparents....... Mother and son are doing well. . . . . .


Mark said...

The worlder's can't have "the people(israel) running around living the cycle of life in freedom.Though it's folly at this point they are going to try and get the people locked down and under control.Just desperateattempts to save their failing kingdom........meanwhile a kingdom comes!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and the Mrs....and of course to your son and his!


Linda L. said...

Congratulations to Alexander and his wife on their new healthy baby. Glad mom is doing fine, too. Congratulations to you and your wife also on a new grandbaby to dote over :)

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