Thursday, April 23, 2015

Copyrighted Thought? Thanks TPP

Ya know . . . while everyone is looking at "the Hildabeast" (Hitlery . . . er, sorry, Hillary) or . . . the pathetically sad Bruce Jenner . . . or even Jade Helm . . . here is where the big, longterm damage often comes about:  multinational so-called "free trade" agreements such as is getting fast-tracked in the shadows right now . . . the "TPP" (Trans-Pacific Partnership).   The insidious effects of the TPP will be felt for generations--will alter the course of . . . well, just about everything. 

I remember when the few, the proud, the intelligent . . . back in the day were opposing things like NAFTA and GATT . . . and we were being called "conspiracy theorists" and "kooks" . . . and how now we look like veritable prophets . . . as virtually all of the dire predictions (rampant illegal immigration, job loss, wage depreciation, crappy goods and services, Constitutional Rights deterioration etc.,) HAVE ALL COME DUE . . . and we can see that the proponents . . . were/are just as we charged:  multi-nationalist, globalist, corporate-Marxist, anti-Christ treasonous and occultic scumbags. . . .

And they're back again . . . with more coming tyranny . . . with the TPP (note how suddenly Obummer and the phony Republicans can get along and agree on "fast-track" legislation). . . . That's because there IS a conspiracy to create a New World Order! Duhhh...... How foolish and idiotic do the scoffers and mockers look now!

Anyway . . . a couple of things that it means . . . is that the Internet will drastically change.  The big, giant Marxist-globalist-corporate-fascist-Masonic tyrants will assert copyright and patent control on just about every produced item and creative thought that is expressed.  It is already the case now that farmers are being sued for working on their own, bought and paid-for John Deere tractors . . . where Deere asserts ownership over the underlying software that is in the tractor regardless of physical ownership.  General Motors is wanting to do this with cars.  As in, it will be illegal to work on your own car.  (see link below)

What they are doing--in typical communist-fascist, corporate control-freak fashion . . . is basically legislating . . . away . . . through treaty . . .  effected by nameless, faceless globalist bureaucrats . . . soul-bought by the elite . . . TO END THE NOTION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY--PROPERTY RIGHTS.   Through the phony environmentalist movement . . . they are removing physical property rights . . . and through agreements like the TPP . . . they are removing INTELLECTUAL property rights. . . .  Don't think it too far fetched to someday be being required to pay royalties to Sony for certain (patented/copyrighted) THOUGHTS YOU HAPPEN TO THINK!

Hence . . . all the more need to transcend this Satanic cra*hole (pardon the language) . . . by becoming FREE IN CHRIST.  The TRUTH sets you free . . . so that while these psychopathic narcissist demoniacs attempt to control every aspect of your life . . . THEY CAN'T get to your soul, where it finally, and actually ONLY matters! And where God has drawn the line as far as what they are allowed to subjugate without your consent. . . .

While everyone is watching shiny objects and this or that on-the-ground threat . . . it is things like this, the TPP that end up doing the most and longest  and most insidious damage to freedom. . . .

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Mark said...

The lord was telling me the problems start when the "eco-capitalism" starts.

When these idiots actually think they speak for God and his natural creation and to use the earth to create capital from the people.

Their going to try!.....fools

Brother Thomas ©2015

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