Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Calling The Field Doctor

First off thanks for the encouraging comments on the last post.  Sometimes it all just comes down in a whole, clear, packaged flow and I just get out of the way and relay what I'm seeing/hearing.  It didn't end there.  There was a resulting supernatural event that followed that post, Lee's reference to it on Facebook and . . . well, I can't really go into specifics but will say that some things happened that left my wife and I saying, "this thing is REAL!  Praise God.  He answers prayers, He is present and involved personally and in close, intimate ways--no doubt about it!"

And it all relates to another reiteration I want to make and like to do so on a regular basis, having to do with getting through these increasingly hostile, threatening times.

While the dead continue to be appropriately oblivious to much of what is actually going on spiritually all around . . . I know that believers are very well aware that there is a full-out assault on Christianity and the followers of Jesus.  I don't think many, or any . . . of us expect it to be subsiding any time soon.  It looks to be ramping up and only getting even more direct and tyrannical.

I feel led to recall once again that it will take extra effort to stay strong and focused in the right way, through the onslaught.  First thing upon waking, before the worldly thoughts come barging into the mind I am making a concerted purpose to straightaway look to Him.  Not in a half-hearted, habitual way; but in a determined, imploring, passionate way.  Make the connection.  Don't leave until I do.  Then, regularly through the day, remember Him.  We each should, amidst the texts to friends, loved ones, checking tweets and facebook updates, the wretched news . . . deliberately take time, energy, thought, heart and put it into remembering upon Whom we rely and trust.  He must be included as a top priority--not just once a day or, worse yet, once or twice a week.  But mindfully, all through the day . . . and night.

And then, of course, upon sleeping, connecting again.  Whether "spiritual" feelings are there or not.  It is a mental intention first.  A change of mind--the place of repentance and of having a contrite, humble, repentant heart.

I'm not assuming you don't already do this.  Not being patronizing.  Just encouraging myself and anyone to press in all the more.  It is so easy to become lax and distracted amidst the bombardment of information and depressing news--nearly all of which, I believe now . . . is supernaturally designed as a live weapon in the spiritual battle raging--meant to distract and especially demoralize.
Which is why it is so important to remember His victory.  In reality, the battle is over.  He won.  We won, in Him and HE is the one who is actually in the "mopping up" phase!

And I find, that when I go extra--when I press in and make effort to call Him, to be close in remembrance and gratitude for His victory . . . and always seeking direction and correction . . . slow to talk, quick to listen . . . reveling in His grace and mercy . . . knowing His love . . . then I find He reciprocates!  There is a boost, and encouragement of Spirit Who responds; Who is real, living, engaged in and with us!

We are now in trench warfare, spiritual warfare . . . daily, hour to hour.  So too should our attention be directed to our General, our Healer, our field Doctor . . . our Protector and Sustainer.

This thing IS real; and He is really there and responds and strengthens us as the battle rages all around; praise God!:)


Lee in TN said...

Bro T - Continuing on my last comment re: Stuck on a Snag, reading over it again today at lunch for about the 3rd time... it REALLY hit me. And I know I've said other posts of yours have convicted me, but today looking over this again....praying as I went back through it...letting the Spirit (who wrote that through you....for me and others) really made me realize some areas that I have been blind to and had been fooling myself that I had overcome some areas. Oh my - how wrong I had been and how called out I am feeling now!

Thank you again...and I could use your prayers that those parts of self can finally die - that I can let go, that God will do His Will and heal me - as I want to pour myself out and have Him fill me daily. I want the fruits of the Spirit more consistently!

Prayers & Blessings to you and the family - Lee

Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
You know, part of what hit me so hard the other day, was I think the leading of the Spirit to help me realize that not only -

But even more so, when I am angry, jealous, impatient, intolerant, controlling, demanding to someone else, or when I am full of strife, critique, resentment, lust, or drunkenness - that I am doing that TO JESUS... as in what I do to others (or inflict sins upon myself) like Matthew 25:40 -

"Inasmuch as ye have done [it] unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done [it] unto me."

Or conversely in Matthew 25:45 -
"Inasmuch as ye did [it] not to one of the least of these, ye did [it] not to me."

THAT was what made me realize how awful my condition has been, and why I truly, really NEED Jesus and the Spirit constantly!

Thank you...for listening...for your prayers...and for your ministry and dedication! - Lee

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