Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today's World Report

First of all . . . I want you to know I prayed for you--yes you.  If you suspect I mean you, then yes, you.  I pray for your protection, strength, resurgence, power, increased faith, peace, resurgence in spirit.  I really do find I have a general love for all people, even the enemies, for I see God's sovereignty in all things . . . but I have a special love and care for Christian brothers and sisters.  You are such fine people, the salt and light of the earth.  You take constant abuse, serve often thanklessly, quietly, steadily, are trashed, threatened, misunderstand, lied on, surrounded by evil, hated by the world; yet you carry on--proof of the reality and power of Christ, for without Him, you could not, would not continue, but you do . . . and it is a beautiful thing, despite the railings and calumnies thrown at you, the curses, vileness, and violence toward you . . . who merely want to see others saved and safe in the truth, in the Lord.  By God's grace . . . it is so . . . . . . .

As I mentioned before, probably too much, but hey, sometimes there's new readers . . . eh, anyway, I track a range of areas of interest and study, which my work allows me to do.  Something  quite apparent on the current events front . . . is how obvious it is that an overarching agenda is being foisted on the whole world simultaneously.  It has the same flavor, the same modus operandi, the same spirit everywhere it is pushing its weight around.  As we don't generally get much if any international news here in the U.S. on our so-called "news channels" it is easy to feel like we alone are being bombarded with an onslaught of left-wing, "progressive", anti-Christian, anti-traditional family, anti-monogamist, anti-patriot, anti-"Judeo-Christian Western culture, pornographic, libertinist, amoral, relativistic, subjective, anti-life, pro-homosexual, pro-sexualizing of children, anti-male, anti-father, feminist, Marxist, pro-"diversity", pro-illegal immigration, anti-free market, collectivist, anti-property rights, heavy-handed police state/surveillance state, "green" fascistic, state/corporate monopolist oligarchicalist, anti-progress, Common Core dumbing down, Agenda 21 "sustainability" propaganda, global-warming hoaxing, anti-gun, individual rights infringing, anti-Christ, anti-God, executive branch tyranny, racial politics/divisiveness . . . imposed agenda. 

But, its being implemented worldwide.  If you ever check into the alternative news sites and media reports in other countries, they are dealing with nearly all the same issues.  And the people--the regular "folks" as Bill O'Reilly and Obama like to say--DON'T LIKE IT and don't want it for the most part.  Oh yes, big swaths have been handily brainwashed to accept different portions of the agenda, but all in all, the "folks" are not happy and feel like something is very, very wrong and out of sorts.  It all has the "surreal" quality I've described before (which prior victims of tyrannical takeover have described just as they realized they were losing their country to some insidious, infiltrating invader.)

Taking this all into consideration I think it should be quite obvious to even the mildly observant and slightly more than half-witted . . . that there is indeed a conspiracy, global in nature and purpose, to establish a "one world government and culture".  If one looks further into it, it will be realized that at the top of the conspiracy . . . it is spiritual in nature, supernatural.  SUPRAnational . . . and SUPERnational.

Here is a story from Canada which shows some of the spirit and perp-types involved.........[It's about how a top Canadian "child expert" professor who had a hand in developing Canada's new elementary school sex-ed curriculum turns out to be a big pedophile (surprise, surprise).....


Here is a story from England (which is having it's own problems with lots of pedophiles in high levels of government being exposed by the Jimmy Savile case) about how the brave investigator Gordon Bowden has uncovered vast corruption and criminality also at the highest levels of UK government, (ie., Tony Blair, David Cameron) where, just like in the U.S., the insiders are using multinational corps and banks to loot the treasury, rob the people, hollow out the public holdings, and in general run the place into the ground......


And I can't go into all the examples here . . . but just know that many if not all of the same attacks, assaults, arguments that we are feeling the brunt of and hearing, and seeing tear apart the fabric of our society, economy, safety, traditions etc., are being hammered out likewise all over the place, to varying degrees.  Which I think is probably beyond mere human capability, seeing how thorough and ubiquitous the assault is . . . which goes to show the underlying SPIRITUAL nature of the battle underway. . . .

Indeed, it was in noticing this very thing that was one of the final lynchpins in my recognizing that the Bible (which predicted and described just such a situation) is true and is the Word of God, and Jesus Christ the only way out. . . .


Also . . . amongst my topical wanderings today . . . I came across another great video by the Abolish Human Abortion fellows (who are doing a fantastic job by the way, confronting the baby killing industry and the lukewarm so-called "Christians" who would rather not be bothered about it.
If you get a chance check out this video (by Danny Ehinger I believe) who stood outside a Presbyterian Church USA church (very liberal) where many of the members happily and sometimes mockingly showed their gleeful support of baby murder/sacrifice......


p.s. The Supreme Court is likely to give the go ahead on same-sex marriage as a constitutional right . . . and this will lead to a full frontal assault on the churches.... in a number of ways.  I suspect they will lost tax exempt status and some pastors will go to jail rather than comply.  This is right around the corner . . . many churches will not survive this assault.  Whether THE great falling away or not, there will be a great falling away by many in the midst of this controversy, as many will just throw in with Caesar . . . . On the bright side, the chaff will definitely be winnowed away from the wheat--a major sifting is bound to occur.  But it won't be pretty, that's for sure.  Buckle up.  Pray up. . . .

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Mark said...

After the sea's have subsided it's easy to understand why God/Jesus had the forethought to place an anchor stone,a proporty marker,a rock,a cornerstone.

John14:2 "In My Father's house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you.

The holy spirit was rejected in Jerusalem and the spirit left and now rest in a stone in native america.Actually the origins of the Omni God,a creator.The essence or the spirit of Christ rest in that stone....The door,the gate.

Now we understand the native American lore of the great pahana walking and teaching in the spirit amongst the tribes.

After the storms have cleared it will be "upon this rock I will build my church".

The stone is for "thy kingdom come"

It's for the longsuffering.

The final symbol is from the midevil furthark and represents targeting positive forces,personal sacrifice,hard work(study),risk(teaching truth),stress,justice.

In the ogham it is the accention rune.....Who accended to be with the father?!

Whoever carved the runes did so in the spirit!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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