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The Ubiquitous Pied Piper

Ah yes, Lee re your comments in "Alongside The Ship Of Fools" . . . the idiotic, hackneyed book,  "Conversations With God".  Just as the sheep know the Shepard's voice, so too do those who are lost seem to recognize the voice of their Pied Piper."

It is remarkable how similar the message always is from people from different times and places who claim to be "hearing from God" . . . "channeling their higher self" . . . who are mediums of some "ascended master" . . . who communicate with "extraterrestrials" . . . who talk to "the dead" etc.

It's always something like "all paths are equal" . . . "all is one" . . . "Jesus was just one of many 'enlightened' light-bearers" . . . "we need to focus more on the environment and 'sustainability'" . . . "the 'sacred feminine' is to be pre-eminent over old, out-dated 'patriarchy'" . . . "God is all-loving, non-judgmental" . . .  "good and evil, 'light and dark' don't really exist but are just two necessary opposites to be balanced" . . . "dualism is wrong, 'oneness' is right" . . . "there is no absolute, objective reality, 'reality' is what you make it through will" . . . "you get what you want through 'the law of attraction'" . . . "reincarnation happens until you 'get it right'" . . . "life is just for learning" . . . "we are all God" . . . etc.

Which is all basically a mash up Advaita Vedanta Hinduism, witchcraft, Marxist claptrap, Marxist feminist theory, half-baked Gnosticism . . . and all in all, "the doctrines of demons."

This demonic tripe is especially insidious when it is cloaked in Christian verbiage and would subsume Biblical characters and concepts into its mix, a la, the atrocious book "The Shack."

My own father-in-law, who also got deeply caught up in the Urantia Book, would probably repeat verbatim what your fellow also believes.  They are hearing from the same voice, albeit the Pied Piper, The Deceiver.  Chances are, your once step-father . . . will soon be channeling "deity" or some other "higher spiritual beings" himself before too long.  That's what usually happens on this path.  And it is a dangerous development if it so goes. 

I know you are familiar with the story, but for others who may not be I'll quickly recap what happened in my father-in-law's case. 

Sadly, it was I who introduced him to the Urantia Book, back in the late 80s . . . but when I discovered it was a fraud I quickly tried to warn and alert him to it . . . and when I became born again later, I implored him to get away from its teachings and all the combined New Age "we are God" mysticism he was steeping in.  There is a movement attached to the Urantia Book where all kinds of people are claiming to be channeling various advanced spiritual beings, including "Jesus/Michael of Nebadon". . . .  At first, Bill was content to go to little meetings and listen to these channeling sessions . . . but before lone, his ego was chomping at the bit to be one of the more special ones as well and he too was eventually operating as a "medium".

When I last saw him, and tried one last time to save him, he was a completely deteriorated, physical and mental wreck, obviously demon-possessed, and within days had taken a shotgun to his own head--the ultimate, selfish, devilish act.

Again, all of this "we are one" . . . "I am God just realizing Myself" New Age demonic doctrine is a big allure to the self-centered, infantile, narcissistic, megalomaniacal tendencies of the typical fallen, wholly depraved, unsaved individual who is now embarking on the "spiritual path" as cover.

Definitely, prayers are in order.  It is a subtle, highly dangerous and deceptive path.  It is nothing short of following the whispers of the Evil One, "Did God really say _____?  You too can be (like) God!  Just turn away from Him and lean to your own understanding. . . . "

It is the anti-Christ, One World Religion of the "new age" and will probably be mandatory . . . though the Elect will always reject it.

Heh . . . I dare you to give him this blog post . . . his soul is on the line. . . .


Lee in TN said...

Yes - indeed....Thank you for helping me address this and providing more clarity on the matter. I already have a couple of your blog posts to give him, and this one will be very good to include for him. (His name is Bill as well.)

I had already given him some of my misgiving regarding this type of thinking when I spoke to him a few days ago, but I have now gathered some thoughts to give him, and they will either reset his path, or drive him further down that road...but faster if he runs to his 'spritual center' support group.

Bless you! - Lee

Lee in TN said...

It's funny that after I got this post and others of yours ready to give him the next time he came by to see me, he has not contacted me since I first returned his call and gave him my fears about the way his latest 'enlightenment' church sounded to me. Oh well....
Blessings, always. - Lee

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