Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Conspicuous "3 M's"

[Warning:  this is not a very well focused semi-diatribe, written on the fly, after a day of monitoring several different fronts . . . but nonetheless, here'goes fwiw:)]

Mormons, Marxists and Muslims . . . oh what a tangled web they weave . . . together sometimes, at the highest heights of political intrigue, treason......I've mentioned that unholy triumvirate before.

But I hasten to add, on the brighter side, at least one preeminent Mormon is calling out one of the worst for his "spineless piratical whorishness"--but more on that in a moment . . . and no, I'm not referring to the "lying wonder"/destroyer Harry Reid. . . .

Now, Marxism is just the ruse a certain genre of criminal gangster/bankster monopolists utilize to befuddle puddin' headed sophomore's, goateed hipster knuckleheads . . . Hollywood dolts and most college professors . . . as a cover in actually exploiting the poor, killing competition and exercising totalitarian criminal control by the few. . . .

But I can't help but be continually struck by how certain powerful Mormon operatives remain at the crux of America's surrender to the NWO . . . apparently in partnership with Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating operatives.  I have to wonder if the stunning similarities between the methods of Joseph Smith and Mohammed aren't resulting in their common ground alliance at the highest levels of political power, as it is resulting--ah, but I digress with rambling verbiage. . . . [I must add, while piling on the gluttonous, slimy Karl Rove and his being a "member in good standing"--there are many fine Mormon individuals, people I love, some wonderful one's I have and continue to work for on occasion and some I respect even in power, like Mike Lee.]

Let's cut to the chase.  Things are getting hot.  The game is afoot and folks are pushing the pedal now toward the end game, as more and more of the "unwashed masses" are finally beginning to catch on.

So, it looks like to me, the pre-game is about to go live.  The gloves are coming off--on all sides.

Kudos (I hate that overused word) to Glenn Beck for finally calling out the despicable fellow "The Church" member Karl Rove.  AND for taking on the shady, (I think rotten-to-the-core Grover Norquist.  Mormon Rove and  Norquist have had the GOP by the throat for many years now and I would suggest are two of the biggest reasons why the Republicans continually betray and attack their conservative "base" and are largely responsible for allowing the Marxist (secret Muslim Brother?) at the top to be wreaking the vast amount of damage that has been accruing over the past several years.

I think people like Beck have been aware of the perfidy for quite a while regarding these two treacherous buddies (Rove & Norquist) but have genuinely been afraid to say too much too openly.  But yay, Beck is at last exposing their wicked deeds and this will give others (I hope) some added courage to join in.  Norquist (who appears to be a secret Muslim Brotherhood operative and obvious NWO shill in the guise of a "fiscal hawk" conservative) is being tapped to join the governing board of the NRA, which would be disastrous for 2nd Amendment rights.

"I think Grover Norquist is one of the best people in Washington," Hatch told The Salt Lake Tribune. 

And there is just a lot to this unfolding drama and story which I can't get into here and barely want to as I like to stay focused on the spiritual reality which matters most.  But, all of these things will have an affect on believers, as all of these scoundrels are up to their eyeballs in Christian persecution and destruction of Christian culture and values . . . as they race toward global (Satanic) government, working on it's final phases. . . .

Just thought I'd mention it all in passing, as I expect things will be getting hotter and hotter, so-to-speak . . . on all the various fronts where liberty and individual rights are being assaulted amidst the takeover.

Anyone who isn't too familiar with Grover and wants to know more might check these things out:

Here is an excellent compiled expose on the recent Beck/Rove/Norquist kerfuffle, especially showing who Grover is and his links to Karl and America's enemies:

Here is a chilling expose on how close the civil war came to almost break out already (but patriotic vets, "oathkeepers" etc., came to the rescue to hold it back for a few more "days"):

On another front, here is what some are doing, ie., Sherrif Mack in organizing constitution-upholding Sherrifs across the country as a last line of defense against martial law, civil war breaking out:

Glenn Beck excerpt on the Norquist controversy:

When good, weary people say, "well, at least he'll be out in 2016" I must say, I never feel too confident in that eventuality.  I'm not so sure . . . this time.  I suspect the plan it to get things so stirred up and in chaos . . . that elections might have to be postponed.  I know we've been hearing that fear for a long time . . . but that doesn't mean that it won't finally prove true.  What with Jade Helm and all the other quickening signs. . . .

While it's always time to "get right with the Lord" . . . it truly seems like now more than ever (at least in our lifetime) this is true, urgent, and essential.

God bless
Praise God


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Mark said...

God holds the mecry seat.If Americans can't see the truth then their has been no mercy.America has a merciless God.Unfortunately it's up to all the worldly experts to figure this out and we all know experts never hear the least of.

This is not my kingdom,mine is to come.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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