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Lying For The Lord

When I was 19 I taught Sunday school in the Mormon church.  I was preparing to go on a mission for the church.  Always being a studier, reader--interested in spiritual matters and the theology behind them I was reading all I could find on the teachings of Joseph Smith and other "prophets" and "apostles".  It was during this study that I discovered that LDS doctrine teaches that The Fall was essentially a good thing.  It was a "fall upwards". 

I read the LDS "Articles of Faith" and the church's once favorite intellectual and one of the "twelve apostles" Bruce R. McConkie and learned that God gave Adam and Eve two conflicting commandments:  "Be fruitful and multiply" and "Don't eat from the Tree of Knowledge".  Problem was, it was only by breaking that second commandment that the couple would attain the kind of physical bodies whereby the commanded procreation was made possible.  The Book of Mormon also states:  "...if Adam had not transgressed.... they would have had no children; wherefore they would have remained in a state of innocence, having no joy, for they knew no misery; doing no good, for they knew no sin....Adam fell that men might be;" --BM, 2 Nephi 2:22-23

"Properly understood, it becomes apparent that the fall of Adam is one of the greatest blessings ever given of God to mankind" --McConkie, "New Witness for the Articles of Faith, 1985 p. 87

As it has been taught, God essentially lied to and misled Adam and Eve.  He wanted them to disobey on the one hand, to fulfill His purpose on the other.  And thus, you could say, in a sense, what Satan did was really a good thing.  "Gee, thanks Lucifer."

When I read these things--and it happened in one day--I was chilled to the bone.  It was the end of my faith in the Mormon religion and its "prophets".  Immediately I thought of the dire, insidious ramifications of such foundational doctrines.  I saw that in some sense I must be grateful for Satan.  And after all, that wouldn't be such a stretch for Satan is both Jesus' and my errant, literal brother according to LDS theology.

I immediately saw how these doctrines must form the basis of a worldview which would be fine with "the ends justifying the means."  If God could deceive and trick for good purposes, then certainly I should be able to.  Like Father, like son!

As I projected out in my mind the consequences of maintaining such fundamental beliefs I saw how any criminal, sinful act . . . could, in the end, be justified using this logic.  Hey, so long as the result is for "Godly purposes" . . . anything goes!

And I realized at once this could not be a true teaching.  This doctrine could not be of the one, true and living, holy, perfect God.  I knew enough of the Bible to know that the Father was not a God of confusion, of contradiction, of tricks and deceit.  No, that would be the devil's purview.

I left "the church" at that moment and began my quest to find the REAL true "church".

Now, I mention all this in relation to my recent post lambasting certain prominent political power players like Karl Rove and Harry Reid.  Having now for years studied the history of the LDS church, and having lived among Mormons, both family and friends, growing up in Salt Lake City . . . I see clearly how this "ends justifies the means" foundational thinking has driven and contoured the church and its people since the beginning.  Joseph Smith was an unapologetic liar.  Many of the early church leaders, "prophets" and "apostles" lied and deceived ( ie., re polygamy) the public and their own church members, wives, but always justified it as okay so long as it went to "building up the kingdom of God." 

Shifting, relativistic "truths" and doctrines have been endemic through church history . . . and I hate to say it, but casual and more serious lying among Mormon people, between friends and family, to church leaders, members . . . is so common that it is a naturally acceptable form of social discourse and function.  Honestly . . . while most Mormons are relatively decent, hard-working, generous, fine people . . . throughout my life and travels, I have never met a people more comfortable with "bearing false witness".  It is a trait that started with their founder and has been employed by church hierarchy ever since.  And it has flowed down and throughout the body membership almost now like a ubiquitous genetic characteristic.  "Hey if prophets Joseph Smith, Wilford Woodruff, Brigham Young . . . and even GOD can do it, surely I can, right?  For 'kingdom of God' purposes . . . of course and by-the-way. . . ."

Well this is why power brokers like Rove and Reid, Romney and Orrin Hatch are so dangerous, devious and destructive.  I am quite sure this is how they justify what they do--the lies, the deceit, the under-handed dealings--imagining to themselves that what they do is ultimately for good.

The dangerous, occult and science fiction-based brain-washing cult of Scientology uses a similar mode of operation called "for the greater good".  Any underhanded, criminal, cruel, deceptive means is allowable so long as it is for "the greater good" of the church and/or the world.

Islam also has employs this convenient tactic you probably already know, called "taqiya" where it is permissible to lie to unbelievers for purposes of advancing the goals of Allah, ie., world domination.  Which is why their entreaties to being a "religion of peace" and political compatibility with our Constitutional form of government ought be treated with diligent, righteous skepticism.

As I believe that the same demonic "angel of light" appeared to both Mohammed and Joseph Smith, I am not surprised then to see how similar are many of their beliefs, goals, methods and doctrines.  Mormons also seek world dominion, and will likewise employ less than openly truthful means to attain it.

Hence, the opportunistic convergence of a ie., a Karl Rove, Harry Reid and Grover Norquist where each share the common ethic of the end justifying the means and all share a common enemy:  citizens and believers who adhere to absolute, self-evident truths and Bible-based law, culture and morality.

I think these are more despicable than the outright atheist would-be totalitarians as they attempt to put a "Godly" purpose behind what is nothing more than the same old greedy, fallen, power-hungry, lording spirit of iniquity.   

 The hottest rings of Hell surely must be for the wolf in sheep's clothing, who claims God--Who is The Truth--while utilizing lies and the Father of Lies to achieve their utterly worldly and self-serving ends!

Here is a choice clip from the LDS missionary training school teaching young "elders" how to lie for the Lord. . . .

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Mark said...

In the creation God seperated the dark from the light,the day from the night,the light from the darker light.

The opposite from truth is the lie.

"He's been a liar since the beginning".Some how Lucifer has convinced the world that he is the God of truth.

His biggest lie is go to "church"(religion) so I can conform you in my lie of dark light.

The elect are decieved.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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