Thursday, February 5, 2015

World Report

For whatever reason--just part of my make-up--I've always been interested to some degree in geo-political events and trends.  My major was in Political Science with the equivalent of a double major in International Law/Relations and Russian Studies.  Same thing in law school.  I was top of the class in my International Law course--even won some "Excellence For The Future" (heh) award and did published sidework for my professor on the topic of human rights development/genesis related to the United Nations.  She was a lesbian Marxist (surprise) and I was a "right wing conspiracy theorist" which she knew and kinda got a kick out of.  Turns out she was one of my favorite professors (I painted her and her partner's house during law school).  And she was the recipient of one of my most embarrassing moments. . . . We were meeting at a little chichi diner--me giving her my reports on human rights development from my research into old U.N. tomes of panel discussions--and I had set my (full, steaming) coffee mug on a frozen wrapped cube of butter to get the butter to melt some so I could spread it on my croissant.  Duh.  The butter melted quicker than I expected . . . my coffee mug toppled and spilled all over her blouse and jacket--arghh!  She was on her way to give a talk right after our meeting!  It was horrific.  She was very cool about it though--cool as she could be, at least, considering the situation.

My other favorite professor I took to lunch one day.  He was the only conservative teacher in the whole school as far as I could tell.  A brilliant, congenial guy, Michael McConnell who went on to become a judge for the 10th District Court of the United States.  I believe he is at Stanford now.

 Lol, I remember his slightly stunned face when, in response to his question, "So what do you think of law school?" . . . I replied, "I don't think I've ever seen a bigger collection of educated idiots in my life. . . ."

Interestingly, I was recently looking for some books on how the Reformed religious movement and thought (Calvinism) played such a critical and founding role in the early intellectual establishment of our Constitutional Republican form of government.  Turns out McConnell has published a fair amount about the fact of Biblical, Reformed thought being key in the natural law rights-based creation of America.  For instance his booknote on "Calvinism And Liberty"

Ah, but I massively digress. . . . On to my geo-political musings. . . .

What I really wanted to say was . . . I have been asserting for many years (about 30) that communism was not "dead", that in fact, it was winning . . . and that America would eventually become fully communist and even finally invaded and occupied by Russia and China (or some configuration of the communist bloc.)

I kept saying this, even during and after "glasnost" and "perestroika" and the purported "collapse of the Soviet Union".  People thought I was nuts, of course.

And for quite a while it did look like a very strange thing to propose.  During the late 90s and early 2000s Russia was touted and considered by most to now be a friend of the U.S.  Many politicians and political spokesholes even called Russia our "ally" and "friend".

Although I never doubted my original assessment of the situation, I myself wondered how it was going to be that Russia again became America's promoted number one enemy.  As in, we seemed to be on such good terms that it looked highly unlikely that some sort of hot war between the nations could be drummed up as needed for any Russian excuse to, ie, attack and invade.

Ah . . . but look how quickly things can change!  In a few short recent years we have gone from our Russian "friends and allies" to a proxy war between the two nations in Ukraine and many Russian leaders openly talking about the coming war with the West and the U.S.  I've always said that this war would be preceded by the economic collapse of America . . . which anyone with half a brain can see is looming on the immediate horizon.  I have also said that many in America, especially even "patriots" and conservatives . . . would welcome Russia as a liberator and see her as the last upholder of "traditional" values.

That is happening now.  The plan has always been to so demoralize American citizens and turn them against their own corrupt government that Russia would appear, in contrast, as the defender of freedom--even religious freedom!  But do not be fooled.  It is all a ruse.  A Russian ruse.

The forces and elite occultic ideology that drive the world communist movement . . . are the same that are running the Anglo-American-"Zionist" world banking cabal on the ostensible other side.  It's called the "scissor" strategy.  The two blades finally come together and slice the people in the middle--us.

Russia's new Rasputin Alexander Dugin  and his "chaos magick" . . . is of the same ilk as Soros, Rothschild and henchmen like the Bush's.  *****For a quick course on Dugin see:

Things are going to get rough.  I emphasize again . . . SPIRITUAL preparation is the only way to go.  And not just any kind of "spiritual" preparation, ie., "lightworker-starchild-indigo" new-age gnostic crap.  (Sorry to be so blunt, but that's what it is, and every believer should run from it!)

No, it must be the "greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world" kind of spirituality which has the REAL "alchemical" ability to have "all things working for the good" in those who love and serve the ONE AND TRUE ONLY LIVING GOD--Yahweh.  Jesus, Yeshuah Ha Mashiah!

We WILL be rewarded according to our works--those things done for the witness and advancement of the Kingdom of God.  Everything else is but dust in the wind . . . "For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the plant; its blossom falls and its beauty is destroyed. In the same way, the rich will fade away even while they go about their business."  James 1:11

It is past time to get holy--to strive for the "means of grace."  As in, it is nigh time to "get right with the Lord" and quit dabbling in the things of the world.  It is time to make Jesus the Lord of your life, of your mind, your heart, your reasoning, your will.  Jesus said,  "No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God."

Stop "looking back".  Going forward live fearlessly, with joy, peace and exultation, keeping focused with the eye of faith on those things unseen, but which you know to be true according to the faith He has given you and will strengthen in you as you exercise it.  Faith without works, without evidence is dead.  Does your day-to-day life exhibit your witness?  Do your thoughts and emotions reveal where your treasure is stored . . . or is it all just empty verbiage?

Seize the day, cleave to The Rock!  Stay anchored in the faith and in His Word!  We're here, this is it.  Events, once they break, will move fast and it has got to be that NO MATTER what happens, where you are, what and who you lose . . . you stand like Job who thanks God for all things, given, taken--His will be done, praise God!


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Mark said...

In looking forward past this kingdom that's on its way out and will end at some point.To set up a new form of governing body and laws.What better than "natural law".

Upon that rock is a rune that represents "natural law".Ironically it closely resembles the Greek Omega symbol (no font).Who ever carved these runes was deep into the spirit and knew there was something special about this land and knew God would gather his here from the four corners of the globe.

We need to be studied up on the natural law.God is the alpha and the omega.Think beginning!


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