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What "Love" Is This? (Jason v. World, Truth v. Idol)

My Maria Moonbeam satirical skit, which I made around 1991 . . . came from an observation I had long made about a certain hypocrisy.  In this case, Maria (Muh-RIE-uh) is a spokesperson for "The Coalition To Enforce Peace For The Planet" or something like that . . . and she carries on about how it will "have to be woman who save the planet" because they alone are nurturing, peaceful and loving, while "men only know how to hate and destroy."  Maria then goes on a hate-filled tirade, filled with violent epithets and threats. . . .

And many now notice how it seems to be that those who talk the most about tolerance and equality, passivism, non-violence etc., are the most intolerant, judgmental, cruel and (verbally, at least) violent people in the bunch.

Shawn McCraney makes a good object lesson for a similar tendency among certain professed Christians, and he is a public figure, so again is a useful example to discuss, I believe.

Like many other "liberal" . . . "post-modern" . . . anti-church "Christians", he posits that what Jesus and Christianity is primarily about . . . is "love."  Shawn carries on and on about how "it's all about love" . . . "agape love" . . . while I must note that I have never felt more lurking violence and antipathy in any professing Christian "pastor" or "teacher" of those I have met.  For someone who claims that it's all about love and loving each other, I can only say this.  When he came at me, after I questioned him on some errors I thought he was making, the spirit I felt in return was so menacing and aggressive that I was left physically shaken . . . in a way that I can't recall feeling for many years, maybe since grade school when I was the "new kid" and being targeted by older, bigger bullies.

It seems to me that the kind of "love" that Shawn and those like him promote, which appears to be the same as the post-modern culture is currently forcing down everybody's throat is, "you must accept and 'love' and even revere everybody no matter what they do, say, believe, promote.  There can be no discernment, no 'discrimination', no 'judgment'.  Any and every thing goes."  That's what "love" is.

The nominally "Christian" of this mindset claim this is "agape" love--the highest kind of love.  But I think this is a big mistake and a cover for something else.

It is easy to say, "God is love" and that "love is the most important thing."  But what is "love"?  Does love never judge?  Does love never chastise?  Does love allow everything?

That can't be.  If it is, then what was the point in God forbidding the eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?  Why, when God's command was rejected, did He bring the curse of death?  Why, throughout the Old Testament, did God warn His chosen people not to do certain things and behave in certain ways . . . if "love" really means that every thing and every one must be accepted and celebrated with no conditions?  If God is love--the kind of "love" that the liberally-minded insist He is--then how to reconcile that sometimes He ordered the destruction of whole peoples, cities, even the very earth, in effect, via the flood?

Well, these of course are the very objections that atheists and other religions make against Biblical Christianity.  "What kind of God/love is this!?", they accuse by their question.

And how can a "loving" God send some people who don't conform to an eternal Hell--to eternal punishment?

Which . . . is why . . . thinkers like Shawn must find a way to justify universalism as being what is taught in scripture.  "A 'loving' God would not send people to Hell forever . . . so it must be that everybody eventually gets saved in the end."

But what is all too obvious in this, is that, rather  than submitting to what the Word of God actually teaches . . . such a person instead "leans to their own understanding".

Oh yes, God loves.  He is love.  But what this really means is what is at stake.  God loves his people, He loves righteousness which reflects His glory; but He HATES sin.  It is BECAUSE He loves, that He meets out judgment on the rebellious--that He chastises those He loves.  It is BECAUSE He loves . . . that He must punish and make testament forever that which is contrary to His nature and supreme will. 

That "love" which, for instance allows a child to do whatever the child wants . . . is not "love" at all.  The truly loving parent corrects, guides, chastises when necessary, out of a real, deep love of the child, knowing ends from beginnings.  The parent who does not love a child so much allows the immature one to fall into any and all mistakes and destructive courses.

In the recent example, I would say it is because Jason Wallace LOVES the Truth, and genuinely cares for (and loves) Shawn . . . with a kind of parental love . . . that he must challenge and warn as he has, that Shawn is delving into dangerous territory.  If Jason did not love the Truth or Shawn, he would not bother.  Go ahead and let Shawn take himself and others off the cliff, who cares?

The worldly . . . and the clearly rebellious (against the Word of God) are storming all about the culture nowadays demanding that any and all beliefs, worldviews, behavior . . . be tolerated and even celebrated, otherwise "you are not being loving".  But notice how this includes virtually all beliefs and worldviews EXCEPT the classical Biblically Christian one.

When the world finds favor in you, you know you are most likely on the wrong track.  Everyone is "loved" and accepted . . . except the Bible-believing Christian.

Yet, what is shown time and time again, is that it is the Bible-believing Christians who love souls and the work of God enough to confront error, to confront the debased, anti-Christ culture, putting themselves in harms way, taking the slings and arrows from all sides!  THAT is real love, though the world calls it hate and "jugdmentalism".

Real love . . . Godly love . . . loves God for Who He is (not who He ought to be, according to one's predilection and opinion).  Agape love looks at God and His revelation and, regardless of current cultural norms and preferences, says, "This is Who God is . . . and I love Him as He is, come what may."

Just as a person does not want to change and "fundamentally transform" something or someone they love (ie., a country) . . . but love them as they are . . . so too does the true believer not attempt to change or fundamentally transform what the Word of God says or His nature and ways as He has revealed them.  Real love, agape type love, takes God for Who He is and goes from there.  It is does not start from one's own ideas and speculations of who or what God should be like.  That is only love of self--idolatry--love of one's own god made in the image of one's self.


Anonymous said...

Nice discernment bro. This Shawn guy is pretty slippery and very clever. Hope he wakes up because I think he would be a great guy to know and speak with. The part where his gang followers laid the snare about "Do you love me?" then vilified him for saying no and falling into the trap. Something I believe Satan is a master at doing.

I get it that if we are to be Christ like then we should love everyone, even our enemies! But didn't God say "As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated." I don't know how you can "contextualize" that to mean something besides its literal meaning...Correct me if I am wrong here. I would put that scripture to Shawn's gang member and see what he speaks.

The Pastor answered correctly, though they made him look bad for speaking the truth.

I really didn't like Shawn's face pulling and mocking spirit while the pastor was speaking. It is something I often see people doing when I am speaking (and happen to catch it) I call it DEMONIC GANG STALKING and I HATE seeing it done to people. I'm seeing this spirit more and more everyday. (Always behind your back)Then they try to act all innocent if you call them on it.

God speed bro.


Mark said...

Try and have a hetrosexual pride day parade in any town USA and you will see haters.

Exodus32:19 And it came to pass, as soon as he came nigh unto the camp, that he saw the calf, and the dancing: and Moses' anger waxed hot, and he cast the tables out of his hands, and brake them beneath the mount.

The key words being "Mose's anger"

Within the range of emotions we people/children have are anger and hate.

The emotion of anger carries with it a forgiveness or the anger subsides with time.To get the anger to subside the God of truth will chastise or show a "toughlove" to cause the anger to subside.This is the God of light and love.

The word "hate" I'm almost sure it is derived from haties or hell or the God of the darker light in which there is no love or forgiveness.This God uses only guilt and acusation.

It is later in exodus 33 that Moses submitted to God's Glory and the act of loveing forgiveness.

It is when one has forgiveness for another that they love the neighbor and God.....the anger subsides.

If anyone would take the natural law/ten comandments and remove the stigmata of religion and try to view them as a set of guidelines,perameters,boundries,groundrules for children/people/humans to try to live within we might all see some peace.The problem starts with the idols/religions/ minds of men.

Hey..... we are all sinners with the need for some boundries.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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