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Update on Mr. Jamiel Shaw--Patriot, Father

Back around May of 2008 I wrote about about Jamiel Shaw, the father of son Jamiel Shaw II who was murdered (with hands up, likely really saying "don't shoot")--shot in the stomach and head . . . by one of Pres. Abomination's "dreamers" . . . er, illegal alien gang-banging invaders.  I wrote of  the father's "integrity, courage, honor" taking on the left-wing, politically correct government and media concerning the tragedy and disgusting crime of his fine, Bible reading, son's death.  Here is a father that is "speaking truth to power" in ways that many of us can't because we are of the marginalized, targeted, European ancestored, American patriot-stock of 4th class citizens . . . white, Christian, heterosexual, male and are no longer allowed free speech/freedom of religion without dire consequences.

I saw today on some front page internet sites (while they last, ie., The Blaze, Breitbart) that Mr. Shaw, who I wrote about some 7 years ago . . . is in the news again daring to speak the truth to the sell-out treasonous scumbags who are destroying our country and culture and so I thought I'd acknowledge and honor him and his son again.
Here is a video clip from his recent testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee . . . and below that is my original blog post from 2008.  God bless Mr. Shaw and ya'll . . . and viva molon labe.

(--posted May, 2008)

"Integrity, courage, honor, standing on principle . . . rare qualities these days of expediency and sell-out . . . . .

I’ve been following a story from L.A. where I’m duly impressed with one of the characters involved, who stands out as a man, a father, an activist–decent, upright, forthright . . . . Who is Jamiel Shaw Sr.

In early March of this year Jamiel’s son was gunned down–killed by a Latino gang member, for no reason, just a block from his home. The Shaw’s are black and though not in a particular “bad” neighborhood, seem to have caught up in an ongoing Latino vs. black “war” in L.A.

Jamiel Junior was not involved in gangs and was preparing to receive football scholarships offered by several universities, doing well in school . . . and avoiding the violence and trouble of the streets with the help and guidance of his father. The mother was serving in Iraq at the time of Jamiel Jr’s murder.

Amazingly, the corrupt power structure in L.A. which favors and (in my opinion) is likely paid off by criminal Latino illegal drug gangs/cartels . . . . is lining up to oppose Mr. Shaw as he seeks justice for his son. Even the stooge black politicians have been hounding him to cave and “not cause” trouble for the community . . . “latino/black” relations.

The fact is, Mr. Shaw’s son was shot in cold blood by an ILLEGAL ALIEN gang-banger who had just been released from an L.A. jail only hours before where he’d been held on gun charges. He should have deported. But you see, because of something called “Special Order 40″ the police in L.A. are not allowed to seek out and root out the thousands upon thousands of violent criminal illegal alien gangs . . . . and so, they are ruining the city and implementing a mini-genocide/war against the blacks there, as they press forward with their Aztlan conquest.

Mr. Shaw, since the death of his son, is trying to address the issue by amending “Special Order 40″ so that authorities can begin to find the illegal Latino gangsters and finally start shipping them back to their own country, instead of causing and spreading the mayhem and violence, crime, drugs etc., in American cities such as L.A.

Mr. Shaw is very brave to weather the storm of political correctness now falling upon him, coming from the mayor’s office, the District Attorney, and a host of local “amnesty” activists who fear a black man breaking the [Marxist] ranks . . . seeking to get justice for his son . . . and help change some of the madness such as “Special Order 40″ which allows the illegals to run amok. He is a sympathetic and intelligent man and the elite’s are going nuts with this father taking on the establishment . . . “getting off the farm” . . . . . .

I give high praise to Mr. Shaw as a father, and American citizen, doing what’s right and clearly speaking on it all as he has. I’ve heard interviews with him, and he is an amazing man who managed to raise his son in a battlezone . . . . keeping him out of trouble . . . . getting him through school and sports…. with the mother in Iraq . .. . only to have his son mindlessly gunned down just feet away from his home, returning home from school one day in March.

Anyway, the story has touched me and I continue to follow it as I do other things going on in California/L.A. . . . . as it is a bellwether state and city. . . ."


Mark said...

While the cat is away the mice will play.I often tell folks that the only hill our military should be storming is the one with the capital on it.

Seeing that the enemey is signing the paycheck of every soldier out there and renders the military useless in doing anything about it.

All soldiers take oath to defend the nation against Eni mies both foreign and "DOMESTIC".Domestic
dirived from domicile or home.

Until the citizenry actually realizes that they are ruled over by a bunch of masons/mormons luciferian founding fathers Then things can change

The only power the citizen or soldier has is to vote or NOT VOTE these delusional idiots out of office.Buy one not voteing that one is voteing.The voter in voteing is giving their concent for their own demise.These luciferian know this.

If no one votes and the same ol garbage shows up in office then we know their appointed and it exposes the lie.Besides not voteing is much more peaceful than storming the hill and voteing silence can be defining."NOT VOTEING" or a "no vote" hasn't killed me yet.

To vote or no vote should be the Question.

Now I fully expect the American dog to return to its vomit and the brain dead,brain washed masses to continue to vote these commies into office and march straight off the cliff to their deaths.

It's sad

Linda L. said...

That's great that someone is speaking out to Congress about this. Love the new design of your blog! Beautiful!

Lee in TN said...

Hey Bro T,
Yeah, I heard this father's testimony to the Congressional committee on immigration. While it was a powerful plea to reconsider Obama's blanket amnesty of DREAMER kids, I doubt it will have a real impact. :( a new color and layout on the blog huh? I am so 'old school' that I literally save each of your blog postings as a Word doc...just in case all this comes down someday. Been doing that for years - back to the old JTOL days. Will be reformatting to make this work now. No worries...

Blessings to you & the family! - Lee

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