Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Cyber-Monestary Recharge

Thank you Lee for your encouragement . . . always.  I like to hope that if I can do anything of any lasting ongoing value here . . . it is to be a place, where ongoing . . . you can count on me to ever be bringing it all back to square one--to point the mind . . . and thus heart . . . to the primary object, subject, Person . . . that this is all about . . . and a bit of the "why".  Through every thing . . . it is just a part of my basic make-up . . . to never drift too far.  It is like a beacon is there . . . constantly reminding, alerting, calling . . . to remember God . . . above all.  You've likely noticed the trend--and it is one I expect to go on until the end.  I am very curious, love to learn and study and think and delve into things--a wide range of things . . . but, sooner or later, I will always be coming back to the main point above all.  That "point" is the ultimate purpose and meaning of our lives.  God.  Astounding, mind-blowing, awe-full, awe-some, incredible, vast, near, loving, just, holy, creative, personable . . . Lord, God Almighty! 

I consider this little outpost a kind of cyber-monastery.  Contrary to typical "evangelical" opinion, I think there is a place for some reclusion--for those who are called to a time of monk-like dedication where the aspirant is wholly focused on the worship and supplication and study of Deity.  I do not think it was a bad thing . . . that throughout history . . . while whole peoples, tribes, city-states, countries . . . politicians . . . cultural norms . . . were lost in abject wickedness, worldliness, paganism, secularism etc., that somewhere a hideout was kept where a few sincere, authentic men or women maintained selfless dedication to the pursuit of real spiritual pursuit and knowledge.  Many times, it was these lone, often harried outposts that kept the faith alive, where a Remnant persisted and preserved experience, scholarship, tradition and primarily, love of God.

Likewise, whatever else is going on . . . in the world, in the culture . . . yes, I am also observing and discussing at times . . . but always . . . on a continual, regular basis . . . I must bring to mind and focus the prize and purpose of it all.  Which we are told is the glory of God. 

And it is not a stretch or lip service . . . or trite . . . or forced, pretentious . . . to extol here the glory of God. 

I know that those through the "natural" mind do not get it.  They project and all they see is some big "divine" egomaniac seeming to care if he gets all due credit or not and carrying on about how "glorious" and awesome he is--and condemning to Hell anyone who doesn't agree and offer proper obeisance's.  This is something that is spiritually discerned.   "But people who aren't spiritual can't receive these truths from God's Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can't understand it . . . neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."  (see 1 Corin. 2:14)

But I see it.  I understand it . . . and always have, for as long as I can remember.   I hate saying this because it feels pretentious, but I believe it's true and sincerely accept it:  That is, that I consider this the most important and valuable talent, or gift, or proclivity or whatever you call it that God gave me.  Which is that above all, through all, I find I am still always wanting to look at Him, learn more about Him, know Him, pursue Him.  Everybody's got special talents and gifts, which I love and appreciate and thank God for. . . . The one of mine I feel most grateful for is this.  This constant drive, yearning . . . remembrance . . . to stay focused on and with Him, and talk about it, share it, write about Him.  So, I know that if you're ever flagging or drifting . . . which we all find ourselves doing sometimes in this insane world  . . . I hope you can straggle to the "cyber-monastery" here . . . and sooner or later, you'll see a monk is still on duty, carrying on the study, praise and worship of God, whatever else is going on in the outside world.  Candle's are being lit, prayers are being offered, supplication, requests, praises . . . it all goes on, regardless of the noise, flashing lights, temptations and mayhem.

And as I said, reveling in His glory is not hard over here.  Every day, several times a day, I, we . . . notice and remark on some aspect of His creation or His person, His ways.  I cringe a bit when I say it because it sounds slightly crass, but . . . . truly "He blows my mind."  First off, the fact that HE IS astounds me.  That there IS anything. . . . That there is an existence . . . I find incredible.  THEN, that at the source of it all, there is GOD!  There is a personal being, made up of three persons . . . as the basis for all reality, self-existent . . . knocks me off my feet!

THEN . . . that He has all these qualities . . . a certain kind of nature, which is good, holy, perfect, just, loving, wrathful, righteous, sacrificing, longsuffering, gracious . . . I mean, WOW!  Just wow.  I find it infinitely profound and wonderful.  And scary.  But scary in a good, right way.  It matters.  There are real consequences.  It is meaningful.  There is purpose.

And He is not forgotten, shunted, marginalized.  Until the end, we will be lifting Him up, recognizing His greatness, His awe-some, awe-full reality and hope.  Praise God!

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Mark said...

Of the elder further the X is the runic symbol used as a sign of agreement.The X is also found in the mid evil further and is the symbol for "gift".The X is also in the later furthark and is known as the "unity" rune.

The rune is found upon that rock out in the natural and is the #1 of 7.

Can we agree that knowing and being unified in God's glory is a gift!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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