Friday, February 27, 2015

Holy Escape & The 8th Wonder of the World

This free fall to tyranny is really something to behold.  I mean, having seen it coming from afar (as many have) . . . then to now watch each day one or more assaults on different fronts . . . more liberties glibly taken away or infringed through executive fiat.  Feels like a bad dream that you can't wake up from.  There it is, another day, more inanity, more insanity, more lies, perversion, Anti-Christ spirit and actions. . . .

I heard a report from someone who was able to listen in on a recent conference call between the regime and various illegal amnesty proponents and agents.  They are going to do just what you would expect.  If you imagine some foreign enemy, invader  . . . seeking to infiltrate and overthrow what's left of the old America . . . this is just what you would expect.  They are going set up the new "American's-in-waiting" within already existing communities and provide them with a lot of money to get established and prospering.  They have no intentions of assimilating but--and these are their actual words--"create a sort of country within a country."  Then take over politically from those enclaves, spreading out, eventually until all such pockets are connected, throughout the country.

The best response I still believe . . . is the Gospel.  Think of this.  Let's say the country is flooded with foreigners from various countries, many of whom are not really friendly with the U.S.  Flooded with people from very different cultures, political ideologies, resentments, subversive agendas etc.

If, somehow, Christians were able to preach and convert these would-be invaders/overthrowers to the Gospel . . . it wouldn't matter WHERE they came from or their prior agendas!  There is a unity of Spirit, temperament, reason, emotion etc., IN CHRIST which transcends all culture, race, politics.  Such people, once converted, would then long for the same things we cherish--law and order, justice, self-sacrifice, charity, gentleness, love, forgiveness, honesty, righteousness, freedom, health, prosperity. . . .

The Gospel is the great unifier, reconciler, civilizer, uplifter . . . which can lead any and all people to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Anyhow, yeah, things are really coming to a head fast.  When I feel it pressing in and getting too oppressive and sad anymore to watch it so unfold . . . I seek escape.  Holy escapism!  I run to God, to God in the flesh.  I recall that this is but a brief flash in time, this trial.  Eternity stands in the wings and so I will peer over at Him and exult, thrilling in anticipation of the blessed hope!

Along such lines, yesterday I was pondering this. . . . As there are three Persons in the Godhead, I thought of the fantastic event . . . where One . . . subjected Himself to the Other.  How wondrous is that?  The Son took on flesh, as one of us, and submitted Himself to the Father while in human form, to show us the Way.  What a scene!  What a display!  The very God of the universe, He Who holds all things in the small of His hand, Who spoke the stars, the planets, the light, all creatures . . . into existence--as the Son, He divested Himself (in a way) of His omnipotence . . . to become like us, to suffer as we suffer, subjecting Himself to the will of the Father . . . so that we would have an example we can relate to (along with His salvific work.)  By doing this He knows intimately, experientially . . . what it is like to be human, confined by space, time, matter, energy, surrounded by ghouls the living dead. . . .

When I go to Him, I always get the sense that He especially understands and even commiserates with what it is like to be a creature in this fallen world, affected by the evil therein.  He is not some far off, distant potentate who cannot relate to the common man.  No, instead, One Person of the triune divinity entered into the creation and experienced life "on the streets" as it were. . . .

The greatest and most beloved of generals, leaders, Captains . . . in history . . . have been those who did not just send their men into battle and then watch from a distance while they fought, suffered and fell.  But those leaders who suffered along with the troops;  those who lead the way, put themselves in the same conditions and deprivations they expected of their subordinates.

And such is our God!  I have no doubt that He designed and orchestrated this whole reality and drama in exactly THE most perfect, thorough, creative, intricate, blessed way that it could be done.  It is laughable that, from our teeny, tiny, limited, dark-minded, finite perspective . . . we should dare to question or second-guess how creation and the existence of man OUGHT to have been done.  The infantile hubris of those who criticize and think to improve what God does . . . must truly be the Eight Wonder of the world!

When I see the present madness and chaos of humanity . . . while relatively disturbing and woeful, I know that all--ALL!--is going according to plan.  And because I know that God is perfect, omnipotent, loving, just and holy, by definition, I can rest assured that by these very attributes, all is well--all will work out precisely, all will be good, nothing is out of place or outside His purview.  There are NO accidents.

And this is where faith comes in.  And where we must remember that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD WITHOUT FAITH!  Do we trust Him or not?  Do we have faith--A LIVING, WORKING FAITH--that He is perfectly in control and will bring all happenings to a rightful, righteous, divinely designed conclusion?

Some say they have faith, but without works, you can see their faith is dead, mere verbiage.  The "works" in this case means that . . . when we look at how the country, how the world . . . is right now, deep down in our hearts, in our souls, in spirit . . . we do not fret.  We do not question or second-guess God.  We do not doubt that He is Who He says He is.  Relentless anxiety, worry, anger, resentment . . . show that our faith is tepid, if existent at all, despite what we profess.

You put your faith to work when . . . day to day . . . truly you are focusing on God and the world to come, and worry not over the temporary shiftings and flailings of fallen politics, culture, society.

Faith without works is dead.  If we have faith, real faith, then we do not live our lives as if THIS life were all important--ie., what we attain, achieve, prove compared to others, in the world.  If out faith is real, ALIVE . . . then we are constantly striving to stay focused on spiritual truths unseen--the future that God has in store for those who love and serve Him.  We don't just profess to be believers in Him, then go about living our lives like all the rest of the lost and unbelieving.  But we say we believe AND THEN WE LIVE LIKE WE TRULY BELIEVE!  We believe God is watching all and will reward each according to their works.  Those works wrought in disbelief (no faith) will get their just due.  As will those works wrought from determined belief, FAITH in God, in the God of the Bible, YHWH, as seen in our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Praise God!  Get to it!  God bless:)


Mark said...

Into the Glome,into the threesphere!

Mark said...

It's by Gods graciousness and mercy.

Exodus33:19And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy.

Nope....nothing about self will or works.


Unto a land flowing with milk and honey: for I will not go up in the midst of thee; for thou art a stiffnecked people: lest I consume thee in the way.

One is consumed or consumated in "the way".....not your way/will.

The"stiffnecked" are the willful.

Gods will,grace,mercy be done!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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