Monday, February 2, 2015

Enter, The Pretender

Any of you who do even a little bit apologetics, or follow some of the ongoing Christian/atheist debates and popular controversies . . . know who Sam Harris is.  He is a very loud, obnoxious, arrogant atheist mouthpiece who often shows up on shows like O'Reilly, Colbert, Daily Show, Bill Maher and has been in debates with the likes of William Lane Craig, James White. . . .

He is pawned off as a "brilliant" and leading proponent of the "new atheism" along the Richard Dorkins line, claiming, ie., that "science" can answer moral problems . . . that religion/belief is  "one of the most perverse misuses of intelligence we have ever devised."

You know, the usual stupid, circularly-reasoned, man-worshipping drivel. 

He's held out by his followers as a real top level intellect, a "neuroscientist", philosopher, author, smart-brain Phd. kind of guy.  One of the real big guns of the new atheist movement,

And, as is not surprising, it turns out he's pretty much a big, self-promoting fraud like the rest.

Just, fyi, if you ever see him and his loud mouth eviscerating Christians and extolling the virtues of "scientific reason" such as he purports to be a master of, just remember this:

1. Since getting his PhD, he has conducted no scientific research.
2. Since getting his PhD, he has taught no university/college courses in neuroscience.
3. Since getting his PhD, he has devoted his efforts to his anti-religious think tank and publishing books, such as the one on using drugs and meditation to discover truths about our reality.
4. He received his PhD through partial funding from his own atheist organization.
5. He didn’t do any of the experiments for his own thesis work.
6. His PhD thesis was about how science can determine what is right and wrong and he turned it into a book for sale.
7. Since publishing his thesis/book, Harris has yet to use science to resolve a single moral dispute.

for more detailed analysis of his phony positioning, see:

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Mark said...

The worldly athieist debating a worldly Christian.Both worldly beliefs,faiths,religions goes nowhere.....neather knowing the true spirit of God.

We were told of a religious war though.

I am in the spirit....not a religion.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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