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WTT, Squatch, & "Singularity" nightmares

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 Far out.  It looks like I will be doing a show with Zeph Daniel aka "Zedjah" . . . next Thursday morning, January 8th on his historic, long-running podcast.  We haven't talked in a few years, so it will be fun to catch up.  It depends on where he wants to go with it, but some things I am currently thinking of . . . would be . . . maybe looking at where we are in the world, what's likely on the horizon, some recap of what I/we predicted back in the day in comparison . . . bigfoot . . . yes, Sasquatch, heh . . . as I am deeply into study there, finding the implications fascinating as to what it/"he" is . . . from a Christian, Biblical p.o.v., which is NOT the pov that the Bigfoot research community generally starts from (which I think is a fatal error in their analysis) . . . and my own expedition plans . . . . . And maybe some talk about music . . . celebrity . . . what is happening with my son and the implications there again related to having a Reformed, Biblical position as father--quite interesting, I believe, how things might go and think tracking that with Z might end up being a part of it--(though, just thinking out loud here and pondering) . . . . .

And speaking of that issue, I'd like to give a report.  Now, I've always been intrigued by "happenings" . . . from history.  By that, I mean, when something in the culture or society of the day--to use a modern term--goes "viral", becomes "a thing".  For instance, I'm on old rocker and noted with fascination when, ie., the Beatles or the Stones . . . or any such group or star--even Sinatra in his early days . . . or Presley . . . when they hit the scene . . . and that crowd hysteria whipped up.  I've always been a bit fascinated by that point in time . . . when the band or person was still "unknown" . . . but was just on the verge of breaking out.  In those early days . . . when the crowds at the local pub or concert hall . . . went from maybe 60 to a 100 people . . . one week . . . to the next, when all of sudden hundreds were showing up, then thousands . . . within a fairly short time.  For the band or artist, that has got to be a most exciting time.  I suspect it is probably THE most exciting and fun time of the whole venture, as things often get a little intense and strange the bigger it gets, combined with alienation from that very same pressing crowd.

Anyway, being somewhat of a student of that sort of thing... experiencing a tiny amount of it in my own early band days . . . but having studied it more thoroughly in other bands/artists' histories . . . I think that is perhaps starting to happen with Jackson's band Westward The Tide.  I did not go to their New Years' Eve show . . . but got an excellent report of what happened.  And I've seen it myself at some of their other shows.

I don't know if this is interesting or not to people . . . but I think it may be, if you are into music and artists . . . in the way that . . . well . . . what if you had a ringside seat to say, when Elvis Presley first hit the scene and took off . . . or the Stones . . . or the Beatles?  I realize this is a boutique area of interest, and not all share it.  It is also complicated with having a Biblical, Jesus centric life and worldview--which, in the end, makes a lot of it, mostly just worldly noise.  But, as I believe God is absolutely sovereign, and in all things, in another sense . . . it is as striking and noteworthy as say, the "worldliness" of a beautiful sunset . . . or violent, dark thunder and lightening storm . . . or the horn-cracking jousts of springtime bucks in the mountains.  Some things just grab your attention . . . as being an "event" . . . as being "something" . . . versus the relative quiet and humdrum that surrounds the day to day grind. . . .

I guess, you could at the very least consider me a front row observer, a reporter (if it DOES carry on as I expect it will) to early days of what may be a big deal. . . . fwiw. . . .

So basically, it went like this.  A couple of other bands played first, then WTT, then the headline act.  Jack looked out at the crowd and thought, "darn, I made a mistake."  He had several other venue options for the big night but chose this one.  But there were only a handful of lackadaisical people in the concert hall watching the band before Westward The Tide (WTT) was to go on.  He thought, oh well, you win some you lose some.  That band finished and WTT started quickly to get their equipment onto the stage.  However, when Jack was done setting up . . . he looked out astounded to see that hundreds . . . and hundreds of people had suddenly filled the big room . . . JUST to see them.  The crowd when from a couple dozen . . . to standing room only in the hundreds and hundreds . . . who then proceeded to sing along, clap, dance and hoot excitedly for WTT. 

Then, Jack was thinking . . . well, perhaps they are really just mostly here for the headlining act, who had a bunch of local press recently in the papers.  Heh, but . . . somewhat embarrassingly for the headliners . . . when WTT ended their hour long set . . . most of the people left!    They also bought out ALL of WTT's merchandise (cd's and t-shirts) that Jack had put out. Every scrap . . . while the headlining bands' mostly just sat there unwanted.

In other words, WTT is starting to have those moments, where, like use to happen to Three Dog Night and the Stones in their early days, where the headlining bands no longer wanted to have them on the bill because they stole the show.  What happens next, is WTT becomes the headlining act.  I've read it all before, heh.....

Anyway, I'm happy for them.  Jack is being very smart and strategic and level headed the way he is handling and guiding it all.  AND . . . it likely means we get more time with Banjo!....
In other news . . . I'm back in the red rock . . . and catching snippets of poor, confused Glenn Beck again.  Beck was talking future trends and gushing with another futurist guest about his hero is Ray Kurzweil. 

Myself, I think Kurzweil is a living horror, regarding his futurist dreams and intentions.  I recall Zeph Daniel and I discussing scary Mr. Kurzweil and his transhumanist fantasies about 9 years ago when his book "The Singularity Is Near" came out. 

The big problem--the elephant in the room--was eluded to by Beck but he is yet blind to it.  He said something like, "I am a great optimist regarding the future, but I also have concerns. . . . I love Ray Kurzweil, but I am worried that we have lost our ethics, our values and with the incredible technological feats coming . . . I'm afraid that could be a problem . . . unless we can return to our basic humanity, return to our basic goodness."

And there's the problem.  "Lost our ethics, our values"? . . . "return to our basic goodness"?  When has humanity ever been "basically good"?  Never.  Except, perhaps in the Garden before Eve and Adam at the forbidden fruit.  Is there not anything more clear than that the history of humanity shows the essentially depraved, fallen condition of the species?  No, Mr. Beck.  Ray Kurweil's transhumanist Godhood-striving, transhunanist and GodLESS techno-fantasies are, in fact, a nightmare.  You claim, GB, to admire the founders of America--the religious and political acumen of the men who devised this unique Republic.  But what you seem to have missed is that part of their understanding which was Reformed, "Calvinist" even . . . which recognized that humankind is essentially NOT good--indeed utterly depraved--and needs to be bound by transcendent laws and principles.  Just as in your own humanist religious beliefs, Kurzweil's vision is a world without God, where man is God, based on his own aspirations, works and technology.

 "We're going to become increasingly non-biological to the point where the non-biological part dominates and the biological part is not important any more."  says Kurzweil

Now, I do like the Kurzweil K250 keyboard he invented.  I was actually, besides Stevie Wonder, one of the first people in the commercial world to use one.  A studio I ran got one of the first ones and I have recordings on cassette tape of my excited first sequenced programs/songs.  That was 1984.  But this other stuff?  Yikes.  Dreadful, and again it shows how important one's foundational, per-suppositional worldview is when trying to make sense of and anticipate desirable future trends.



Lee in TN said...

Looking forward to hearing a discussion in the Spirit between you & Zeph!

May the Lord lead you in this...

Blessings - Lee

Anonymous said...

Yea! Have been thinking of The Lamb Cafe days and what a great community it was. What time is the podcast?

Again, all the best to Jackson. But as all musicians who are believers are aware,it is the god of this world who controls the masses through music and it's the spirits of this world who whip crowds . Into frenzied. As artists, we really do "walk the line" so to speak. Anyway,I would today dig hearing you and Zeph together again. Perhaps you can discuss the possibility that of Lamb Cafe, Last Call. ;-)

I read the blog at the exact right time. Synchronicity!


Anonymous said...

edits as I was typing on a "device"

frenzies, not frenzied; I would totally dig not "today" dig.

Will try to listen to the podcast tomorrow


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