Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Toxic Stew. . . .

Going hand in hand with the necessity of maintaining spiritual health in these dark times is the importance of getting and keeping physical health.  As we are being poisoned on all sides (deliberately and inadvertently) it is practically a full time job taking cover and defending. . . .

Two of the most dangerous assaults I believe come from early delivered vaccines and the toxin "glyphosate."  Before our first boy was born (Alexander) I was already aware of and suspicious of infant vaccines (ie., the MMR vaccine) and managed to prevent for as long as possible the giving of such vaccines to our little boys until it was mandatory by the state.  Except . . . in Isaac's case (the one son who ended with Aspergers and registers on the so-called "autism spectrum").  He was born in Florida and when we weren't present, just after he was born the nurses--we found out later--had whisked him away and given him the newborn vaccines that we had managed to avoid with the other boys.  I am convinced that is what caused his "disability."

Anyway, besides infant vaccines, I believe one of the other great causes of what seems to be now a ubiquitous set of diseases, "conditions" and general illness among people is from glyphosate toxicity.  Almost everybody I know now has developed one or more vicious "food allergies" or intolerances and knows somebody else close who suffers from being on some degree of the "autistic spectrum".

Glyphosate is an herbicide component used by "Big Agra"--included in the tons and tons of Roundup "weed killer" spray that is now found throughout the GMO food chain.

"Glyphosate may well be the most toxic chemical ever approved for commercial use, as it is now linked to kidney disease, antibiotic resistant bacteria, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, depression, ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, cancer, cachexia, infertility, and developmental malformations. It destroys the microbiome of humans and plants, which is the root cause of many modern diseases." 

Virtually all but legitimately organic soy and corn products (which means practically everything "processed") are infused with glyphosate.  This poison (which, by its very nature and intent is made to kill life) also interacts synergistically with other toxins and chemicals in the food and environment making it more deadly and insidious.

It appears that one of its worst effects is to mutate and destroy the healthy gut bacteria that is essential to the processing of nutrients for the body and immune system . . . which then leads to all kinds of secondary conditions and disease.  Again, almost everybody I know is having recently developing problems with their stomachs, with food allergies and headaches. . . . I think this pesticide, which is used all through the now ubiquitous array of GMO (bio-engineered) foods we are subject to . . . is a main culprit.

The answer is to avoid it as much as possible . . . and begin reparative work.  Really, as difficult as it is to rub shoulders with the Obama-stickered Subaru-driving liberal knuckleheads who tend to populate such sections . . . buying "organic" has got to become a habit.  Problem is, of course, that the Big Agra monopolies have figured this out and are buying up many organic brands and are even lobbying Congress (talk about knuckleheads!) to be able to slap the "organic" label on products containing GMO's! . . . so one has to be careful and smart when going the organic route.

I think someone who has the right idea and analysis on all of this is Stephanie Seneff, Phd. and she has a whole bunch of peer-reviewed research papers and presentations on this problem which can be found at her site if you want to get more educated on the matter.  (I know many of you already are quite well aware of all this and already taking measures. . . .)

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it.  It is difficult to fight (or flight) (mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and yes, physically) if you are wiped out in a stew of debilitating toxicity. . . .


Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Yep - we're being systematically poisoned and 'altered' by big-agriculture, namely by Monsanto (Monsatan) and their GMO seeds and poisonous sprays. And agreed, the cocktail of vaccines they insist on giving newborn babies is criminal and the cause of so many health and developmental issues.

But I will say that recently Zeph recorded a podcast in that the Lord said Monsanto is now being dealt with and are cursed in the eyes of the Lord. Those who willingly and knowingly have developed and produced these GMO disease-causing toxins have been 'tagged' for a downfall.

Our awful Congress and President passed and signed the Monsanto Protection Act becoming co-conspirators in their evil, profit-driven, gene-destroying endeavors. This cannot be allowed to keep going on! Kudos to some other nations that have banned these GMO seeds, produce and sprays.

Blessings and thanks for bringing this up! - Lee

Lee in TN said...

An article I saw today -
"The Forgotten History of Vaccinations You Need to Be Aware Of"

- Lee

Mark said...

I always tell folks there's no money in healthy people.Unfortunately The darker light,God of this present kingdom can only create war,chaos,sickness.

I believe there are honest illnesses but in this point in time and system in control serves the darker light and the most not all are bought and paid for.

It's like me having a stroke,a "head wound" to shut me up I have had these outburst of tears and laughter the doctors have labled a "mental illness" so they can make money in treating me.......Lol,I call these "outburst" emotions.

Yep the stroke was "sent" to take me out.

In that darkness of those first initial days I asked The God head what am I supposed to do with this?.......The still quiet one says"I got it".it's been healing ever since.

They intentionally make people sick so they can get a sacrifice or appear as healers or as God's.Think twice when watching the shrinners hospital commercials.

Yep..... that sick!

Helps one to look forward and look up!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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