Thursday, January 8, 2015

Talk w/ Z . . . And a recipe for being impervious

. . . . an hour or so until airtime with Zeph . . . 9am MST.......  It won't be live but soon Zeph said the podcast should end up here:

Looking forward to it, it's been a while. . . . .

My best advice in general--and it has not really changed since I saw the Light and then already had seen the dark and the psychotronic-technotronic totalitarian like-Noah-days future--is through all to remember that the objective is to GLORIFY GOD and amidst the takedown and shakedown in all things to LIVE BLAMELESSLY.  And those two go together very nicely.  If you are not in the spiritual space to See and understand what this means, then you are subject to all kinds of attack, anxiety, fear and sense of hopelessness.  But, when you recall the point of it all, which is to GLORIFY GOD . . . and then recall and enact what that means in day-to-day practical application ("live blamelessly") then you attain a kind of instant invulnerability--you are like a superhero, impervious to the wicked, degenerate madness of the present world.  Combine with this a complete recognition and surrender to the fact that GOD IS SOVEREIGN OVER ALL . . . and . . . well, the Enemy can go pound sound.  He can't get his hooks into you.  Where are you anyhow?  How can the demented evil fool or his minions snag you . . . when you have already died to yourself and now only live to glorify God Who is sovereign over all things and all beings?  Game over. . . . You can walk through this stinking mess like a champ!  Just make it real.  REALLY be in that spiritual place; not just have it as an intellectual concept or vague goal.  Make it real . . . HERE . . . NOW!

God blesses you in this--

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