Monday, January 19, 2015

Scouting Report

ooh boy . . . I'm not quite sure just what to say.  A lot is going on and things are ramping up exponentially.  I s'pose I'm a kind of like a scout.  Watchman?  Well, maybe more like a scout, because I go out ahead.  I'm always on the move, studying, researching, watching, experiencing--I can't really help it; it's just the way I was made.  We've all got our inclinations, interests, compulsions . . . eh?

And I'd dare say I'm a bit of a tracker, so-to-speak.  Whilst out "scouting" . . . I seem to have a knack--a sort of extra sense on which trail to follow--to where the game actually is.  Then . . . to connect the dots, coordinate the signs, see the big picture and be able to fairly well tell where its all leading. . . . My accuracy speaks for itself.

In this case, honestly I'm a little spooked by the picture I'm seeing.  I happen to have been immersed lately in reading in depth accounts of the "wild west"--particularly the recounts of the American Indian wars, the related explorers, mountain men, pioneers etc.  Continuing with that sort of imagery and metaphor . . . let me just say it's kind of like this:  We are surrounded.  During the night, the enemy has crept into position while the camp was mostly asleep.  The outlying sentries and random camp hangers-on . . . are starting to be picked off.  They are being isolated and quietly taken out.  This is what happens in a seriously intended deadly assault when you have a determined, long-planning, stealthy enemy who has specific designs for conquest.

There is also a palpable malignancy and downright wicked stench to this infiltrating and surrounding force.  They are organized, insidious, conscience-less and operating with arrogant, cruel impunity.

Where it use to be mostly and only those other watchman types who were aware of and under assault by these quiet assassins . . . the ring of targets is now getting closer in and more varied.  By that I mean that it is no longer a fringe thing.  If we were a herd . . . and where it had once been only those on the far edges that were taken down by the shadowy, lurking predators . . . now some of those further in from the boundary of the herd . . . are starting to sense something, poking their heads up and likewise coming under attack--and being knocked off. 

So  . . .  there I've laid out a picture--an analogy in very general terms  . . . and am wondering just what to do with the rest of it.  What to say, how to say it? . . . . Ironically    . . . while it has nothing specifically to do with bigfoot, it turns out that some stuff is happening in the bigfoot community (they don't really even know what's hitting them) that is putting into perspective just how much of a lockdown situation we are actually in and don't know it.  Well . . . some know it . . . and more are getting to, sadly, every day.

Think Stasi . . . East Germany . . . surveillance state . . . psychotronic-technological harassment . . . g-stalking . . . on a massive scale.  What's gone before has been child's play--a warm up.  They are getting serious now . . . and it is a very ugly, sad, wicked thing we are into here which won't, I'm afraid, be being turned around any time soon.  Looks like we're going through it . . . and it's begun.

Get right with God; stay right with God.  Pray up. Stay close to His Spirit--make way in your soul so that the Spirit is not grieved and can be a constant, comforting inhabitant.  Outside of that--outside of Him, it is going to seem quite hopeless.  They intend to crush all hope, all morale . .   with overwhelming cunning, control ,,, and yes, cruelty and brutality.

Sorry to be so bleak, but just want to be real and give the heads up.  I still expect that this quick and easy exchange of information and communication that we've all gotten use to ... will not always be there . .  and so you've got to be prepared to cope when the isolation and darkness falls.
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Mark said...

Cherokee people,so proud to live,so proud to die.

Just remember that when ones flesh passes from this earth it is God's will be done!Trust in this helps to live life without fear.

I fear the death of the spirit not the flesh.

Bon Bon said...

Enjoyed your interview with Zeph so much. A snail mail address or phone number might be a good thing to have when the net goes down and there is a need to communicate with others in the body of Jesus Christ.
The attacks are comming to many that I know, including myself.
Bon Bon

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