Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scouting Report Fleshed Out

 It's like this.  The scout is out front, peeking over a butte looking down with a silent gasp, having just come upon the enemy's stronghold.  It is a shocking and dispiriting sight.  He takes in the full view, analyzing, looking at the array, the multitude of weaponry and assets and then rushes back to tell his people the news.  When he arrives back at his own camp he is out of breath, alarmed and dismayed with the vision of what he has just seen still so fresh in his eyes and mind--the ramifications thereof.

That is the mood in which I wrote the last post.  I am less distraught now, though not because of any more optimistic reappraisal, but from having more distance and time away from what I saw.

Here's the gist of it.  What happened (or is happening now to) actress Brittney Murphy & her husband, her friend whistle-blower Julia Davis .  . to Randy Quid and his wife, journalist Sharyl Attkisson, Catherine Engelbrecht (tea party), bigfoot researcher Bob Garrett, David Crowley ("Grey State")and is happening to increasingly more average citizens who find themselves T.I.'s ("Targeted Individuals")?

In my once annual MayDay appearance on Zeph Daniel's podcast, May of 2008 I talked about the "global gang-stalking syndicate" and in the early days of my blog warned that this means would be used to eventually control all of society, to suppress dissent.  What I am saying now is it looks to me like they have the program fully in place and can reach it into any far corner of the land.  There is nowhere to hide.  They are even installing military grade sensors and cameras in the National parks and out in the wilderness.  Seriously, Big Brother is watching.  And he is ready and able at a simple command . . . to make the life of any dissenter, "free thinker", "patriot" etc., a truly living hell.

Home schooling, refusing vaccines, "constitutionalist" protesting, "traditional values", Bible believers, "preppers", alternative health purveyors, and so on . . . . are some of the common targets, and I believe that eventually the army of these harassing agents is so large, so ubiquitous--and the technology so advanced and pervasive . . . that "they" will eventually get to practically everyone.  They have to target enough people so that, if you yourself are not targeted, you know somebody who is and have seen it in action.  This will act to scare everybody targeted or not into line.

They are also in the last stages of rooting out any old fashioned, traditional police/sheriff officers who might be of help to the targeted person.  They themselves (the good police) are coming under attack!  That is how bold and operating with impunity this infiltrated cabal has become.  They are beyond the tipping point where they could have been stopped.  That is what I "saw" which me as it did--just how widespread and vicious this mode of social control is.  This is the KGB with steroideded technology--and what the East German Stasi began to perfect in its later days.  Another change that I see is that where they at first tested it out on fringe people--homeless, single women, men who often had no agenda themselves--now they are using it in a more focused way on "whistleblowers", activists, and the generally "politically incorrect".

And I must admit, at times like these, I am glad we have a God of judgment and justice who will deal harshly with the wicked--with these wicked, and that, as believers ... we've got to just stay the course.
I like to recall sometimes ... that the God of the New Testament is the same God Who delivered justice in the Old Testament.

(and yes, BonBon...I have mentioned that many times and pointed to snail mail address there on my blog as I hope to keep that as long as possible for just such a reason:)

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To add to the list, see ATF whistleblower Jay Dobyns.


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